New Fuel Tax Took Effect October 1
To help pay for road and bridge repairs across the state, SB 262 enacts an additional tax on motor fuel, beginning with 2.5 cents in October 2021, and increasing by 2.5 cents in each fiscal year for 5 years. Senate Bill 262 was sponsored by Senate President Pro Tem Dave Shatz and received support from Governor Mike Parson.  
Upon written request, the law allows taxpayers to get a full refund (or rebate) on all tax paid. Representative Becky Ruth, Chair of the House Transportation Committee, elaborates, "I believe it's probably the first time that we've ever had a tax where you can get a 100% of your money back on that new tax."   
Howell County News contacted Representative David Evans for more information. Evans explains that SB 262 provides that part of the new tax will be used for state and local infrastructure repairs and improvements across the state. In five years when fully implemented, the Missouri Department of Transportation estimates Willow Springs will be receiving over $42,000 more per year and Howell County over $790,000 more per year for long overdue improvements to roads and bridges. These estimates represent revenue after expected rebates.
This funding is not blanket funding available for all potential infrastructure projects, such as broadband expansion, but is instead restricted only for use on roads and bridges, Evans confirmed.   
Evans urges everyone to start keeping all fuel pump receipts now for each vehicle and to keep those receipts with your tax records for 3 years.  When claiming the rebate, you will present written verification stating the amount of fuel tax paid in the fiscal year for each vehicle for which the refund is claimed.
Beginning next year, the rebate must be filed on or after July 1, but no later than September 30, and may be filed electronically. Note: the refund is only for vehicles 26,000 pounds or less in gross weight.
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