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Main Street Group Approached the City about Downtown Eyesore
Jeff Conger was present at the regular Willow Springs City Council meeting last Thursday night on behalf of Main Street Willow Springs. He provided an update on the building located at 104 E. Main Street, which is owned by the nonprofit Main Street Willow Springs. 
The building has been a subject of concern for the City and citizens for years. It has fallen into visible disrepair. As a matter of public safety, the sidewalks around the building on Main and Center St. have been blocked off to foot traffic for years, even before the nonprofit took ownership. 
Main Street Willow Springs purchased the building in full knowledge of its existing problems and safety issues in November 2020. Their goal was to restore the building and make it a vital part of the downtown landscape again. 
Conger briefed the Council on the many avenues the nonprofit has explored to secure funding for repairs and restoration such as loans, grants, and private sources. No viable options have materialized.
“It appears to my organization, the only way that’s going to go forward is through private or municipal funding,” Conger concluded, “As a city, we need to decide what we’re going to do one way or the other…I do not think that we can be successful in saving that building unless the City is on board…At this point, it’s all about the money and how do we go about getting it.”
Among the members of the City Council, there was some discussion of the different types of support that the City could provide to Main Street Willow Springs. Those discussions are expected to continue in the future. However, there was no action taken by the City at the meeting.
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