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Willow Springs Alumni Celebration to be held May 28

Notifications have been received from alumni members from as far away as California and Texas that are planning to attend the annual Willow Springs Alumni Celebration. The celebration will be held on Saturday, May 28 at the EAA Hangar, located at 810 Bryan Street. The doors will open at 3:00 p.m. and the meal will be served at 5:30 p.m. There is ample parking and a shuttle service from the parking area will be provided. Attendees are asked to bring lawn chairs.
Reservations that have been received, in no particular order, Gary and Carolyn Sorrells, David and Cindy (Beavers) Crabtree, Chuck and Mary Hord, Wanda (House) Johnson, Charles Losh, Barbara (Sherrill) Pigg, Dean Belshe, Linda (Duddridge) Benyo, Judy (Caton) Brasier, Ronnie and Bonnie (Spence) Bryan, Paul and Carol Collins, Sam and Cleta (Dean) Collins, Charles and Pat Cooper, Tony Duddridge, Ted Elmore, John and Jean (Gilbert) Foster, Buster and Donna (Eidson) Graves, Virginia (Dunaway) Mace, Tim and Tracy Meal, Wayne and Marjorie (Fine) Morgan, George and Wanda Myers, Warren and Joan (Haegner) Ott, Jamie and Jackie (Mulholland) Ogden, Ollie Perkins, Donna (Spence) Romans, Harry Rowe, Emmie Seaman, Joe and Susan (Smith) Shryock, Larry and Lynette Thomas, John Twist, David and Donna (Grant) Viers, Judy Counts, Jan (Collins) Woodson, Sally and Bill Gooch, Grant and Mary Ann (Freels) Cox, Nancy (Davis) Collins, John W. Adams, Matthew and Jimalee (Adams) James, Sandy (West) Whitaker, John and Lauri Carr, Lori and Bill Eckenrode, Mark and Jan James, Joe and Sylvia McClellan, Nancy Lancaster, Dee (Collins) Corn, Jim Barnes, Alice (West) Brook, Larry and Linda (Bunch) Spence, Barbara (Wehmer) Skaggs, Bill and Becky Tandy, Jack and Joyce Hawks, Kay (Mulholland) Johnson, Marlene Turner, Erin and David Brower, John and Valerie Bailey, Bill and Betty Burton, Helen (Benton) Birdsong, Shannon (White) North, David and Julie (Gooch) Carter, Roberta (Haase) Donnell, Lewis and Anita (McClellan) Shaw, Delores McClellan, Buddy Stuart, Van and Teresa Turner, Leon and Glenda (Johnson) Kentch, Stephen Losh, Bob and Janet (Thomas) Shaw, Leslie and Lois Spence, Carol (Hale) Aldridge, Deanna (Belshe) Estes, Nita Ray, Terry and Linda (Wyrick) LeBaron,  Mike and Fern Stuart, Ron White, Sr.,  Dean Sharp, Todd and Patty Cooper, Al and Linda (Smith) Grant, Mary (Oliver) Spencer, Tina (Spencer) Harris, Pat and Connie Stuart, and Wendell and Jane (Bray) Bailey, Tom and Phyllis (Oliver) White.
If you would like to attend, there is still time. Call 417-469-1400, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by emailing
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