Willow Springs Community Foundation tackling housing crisis

In this seller's economy, the Willow Springs Community Foundation has begun the process of listing certain properties. According to the WSCF Director Dean Aye, one of their properties has sold, one is currently listed for sale, and two to three more properties will be listed by the end of the year. 
WSCF, a non-profit organization, owns and manages dozens of limited-income rental properties in Willow Springs. The organization also manages and maintains the Star Theatre and the Ferguson Building. According to Aye, the work they do is funded by the income from their rental properties. 
When the Foundation begins to sell off the 3-bedroom rental properties it owns free and clear, they will need to replace those income streams. 
"We will take ownership of 26 more properties in the coming years. That means we have to build 26 more houses in the next ten years. My goal is to build three a year," Aye told Howell County News. 
The sale of Foundation-owned properties is good news for the City of Willow Springs and the school district. Once the real estate passes into private ownership, those properties will reappear on the tax rolls. 
"It's a super exciting time to be a part of the Foundation," Aye said. "The board is now committed to selling those houses." 
To build, the Foundation has been collaborating with the City to identify blighted and problem properties. Aye said they have purchased two blighted properties and one vacant lot on Center, Harris, and Grand. The hope is to build 3-bedroom, single-story homes. 
City Administrator Beverly Hicks briefed the Board of Alderman on the Foundation's progress Monday evening, commenting that new construction of single-family homes is something the town really needs. 
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