Willow Springs Reports Strong Sales Tax Numbers Despite Pandemic

The City Council in Willow Springs reviewed an overview of 2020 revenues at the regular meeting on January 21. Despite expectations that a COVID-crushed economy would have depressed consumer spending, in 2020 the City reported the highest revenues from sales tax since 2016. Sales tax in 2020 poured $583,116.10 into the City budget, up from $537,492.60 in 2019 and $482,985.71 in 2018. 
City Administrator Beverly Hicks credited the arrival of Love’s Truck Stop in November 2019 with the increase. That single business raised 5% of the sales tax revenue alone. Hicks also pointed out that the nature of the lockdowns in early 2020 prompted Willow Springs shoppers to stay closer to home and spend in town rather than elsewhere. 
The newly adopted use tax also performed strongly for the City budget in 2020. Hicks suggested this is because of the increase in online shopping because of coronavirus restrictions. 

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