To all citizens of Howell County, Missouri:

In this letter I want to convey as much transparency of the Howell County Sheriff’s Office and other collaborating agencies as to the efforts and concern regarding the missing person(s) case of Ira Briscoe and Limon Little. There have been (9) arrests and (107) reports in connection with this case. The arrests and criminal charges were due to other unrelated crimes, but have been used to further the investigation. Multiple person(s) associated with this case are currently in prison. The Howell County Sheriff’s Office is the primary agency investigating this case; however, multiple Law Enforcement agencies and other related agencies have assisted in the investigation in various capacities:
-West Plains Police Department
-Missouri State Highway Patrol
-Thayer Police Department
-Oregon County Sheriff’s Office
-Fulton County Sheriff’s Office
-Arkansas State Police
-Sharp County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office (Assisted in investigating a rumor Ira was alive in their Jurisdiction)
-Hardy Arkansas Police Department (Dealt potential witness in this case)
-Baxter County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office (Assisted in searching an area for Ira’s car when he first went missing)
-Ozark County Sheriff’s Office (Assisted with a lead in reference to the Martin cemetery)
-Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco
-United States Attorney’s Office
-Missouri Department of Corrections Investigative / Intelligence Unit
-Missouri Probation and Parole Office
-Arkansas Probation and Parole Office
-Kansas City Police Department (Assisted with a tip of Ira being seen in KC)
-Republic Police Department (Assisted in a tip of Ira being seen in Republic Wal-Mart)
-Fort Smith Arkansas Police Department (Conducted an attempted arrest warrant service for an individual rumored Ira was staying with)
-Branson Police Department (Assisted in attempting to locate an individual associated with Ira)
-Taney County Sheriff’s Office (Conducted a search for an individual associated with Ira)
-Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab
-Missouri State Highway Patrol Forensics Computer Lab
-Salem Arkansas Police Department (Has assisted in searches for Ira and his associates)
-Missouri Department Of Conservation
All forms of investigative techniques have been used including search warrants, investigative subpoenas, and over (100) interviews were conducted of individuals in the State of Missouri by the Howell County Sheriff’s Office alone, and numerous other interviews of people in the State of Arkansas by Arkansas Law Enforcement were conducted as well.
Numerous locations in the State of Missouri, such as Howell County, Oregon County, Douglas County, and the City of West Plains to include in the State of Arkansas, have been searched for human remains. We have utilized cadaver dogs when information was developed in reference to a possible location of a deceased human body. These searches will continue as
additional information is developed. As tips have been received by various law enforcement agencies they are fully investigated.
The gravity of this case has been prioritized above other significant cases and the man hours accumulated during this investigative process is expansive. Lastly, the Howell County Sheriff’s Office will continue to remain vigilant in gaining the necessary closure for all those involved.
Brent H. Campbell
Sheriff, OSN 237
County of Howell

Howell County News

110 W. Main St.,
Willow Springs, MO 65793

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