Dear Editor,

As I look at the mayhem in America since the Biden administration came into power, I am saddened. I cannot believe that the January 6 protesters are still being held in solitary confinement, and haven’t had a speedy trial. The rights of these people have been taken away. If government can do that to them, they can do it to any of us. This is the way dictators in third world countries operate. Why aren’t our congress and all citizens rising up and demanding their release? I view this as the most pressing matter we face. This should be a wake up call, because each inch we give up to government will never willingly be given back to us. Tyrannical governments come to power this way, just one little infringement at a time until someone finally notices what’s been taken from them. Then it’s often too late for a peaceful solution!
Due to Biden’s policies on energy production here in America, we went from energy independence, to having to import oil from foreign countries. We now buy oil from other nations around the world. This means American jobs lost! Oil shipped from other countries costs more because it has to be shipped across the sea. (Notice your gas prices.) This was deliberate as they push their green agenda. Some people actually believe an electric car solves a non-existent problem they call climate change. I guess they don’t think about the increased coal, gas, or nuclear power which will need to be generated to charge their electric cars. So green solutions actually use more fossil fuels, the same for wind and solar! Because of this policy everything you buy will cost more. We already see that, and it will only get worse.
Biden’s border policies are just as damaging to our nation. Millions more illegals have flooded into our country, and they use resources which should be used for Americans in need. These illegals get welfare, medical, housing, and more. These resources should be used for American citizens! We taxpayers will be supporting millions more illegals going forward. Sadly illegals get much more monthly income than retirees who paid into social security their entire life. Your children and grandchildren will pay for this. I won’t be surprised when the government raises our taxes, they have to, or go broke.
Biden’s incompetence is recognized around the world today. Every press conference shows that he is suffering dementia and really should step down. Of course that would leave us with another useless leader, our current vice president. She doesn’t have dementia, but she is as dumb as a box of rocks!
We are in a sad state, and Ukraine did not have to happen, but we are pouring billions of dollars into that corrupt nation. We have vets living on the streets, and poor who are hungry, why are we sending $14 billion dollars to Ukraine? Have you called your congressman and senators? You should!
Troy Galebach
Willow Springs, MO
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