Dear editor,

What do abortionists, communists, and mass shooters have in common? Maybe poor math skills. What are the odds of rolling a specific number from a 6-sided die? From two dice? Getting all difference numbers in 11 throws? In sequence? Twice in a row? Yet, life must: Acquire specific atoms from 92 natural elements; Process them by sequential steps into a useful compound; Eliminate wastes; Duplicate the processes – and itself. Without all of these, life ends. Life by chance? Not a chance! 
Thus, we were created and are sustained by an intelligent power for His purposes. We may have to account to God for what we do – but it seems personal accountability, even if not to God, is what many try to avoid, blaming others or circumstances for their poor decisions while expecting others to approve them and pay for consequences. 
The Holy Bible was the basis of early American government, laws, education, and culture. As a historical document, it should be taught in every classroom and home, yet most who read and study it also find that it has much value and advice for the present and future as well. Honoring just the last six of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule (treat others as you would want to be treated) could prevent much crime and social problems, then there would be less need for police, lawyers, judges, and prisons! (That would be great!) Be well educated – read and study the most widely published book in the world. Taken to heart, it can change people’s lives and even affect the course of nations.
D. Higgins
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