Dear Editor:

Republicans are not repressive.
In response to a letter to the editor from July 27th issue of Howell County News from David and Martin.
Brethren, Democrats were called liberal because they would spend other people’s money liberally and Republicans were called conservative because of using a conservative budget for spending taxpayers' money. So the terms are not accurate for each party. 
The Republican Party is now the party of the poor and the Democrat Party is now more for the rich i.e. Hollywood, the owners of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and most of the big tech and also people like George Soros, Bill Gates, etc. The Republican Party has never openly or otherwise embraced the Ku Klux Klan, NeoNazis, Proudboys and any other white supremacists i.e. Abraham Lincoln and others. Now, the Democrat Party cannot say the same. You can do the research. 
Our former President was not a disgraced President and did not brag about sexual assault in women, but his words were not always the best and his previous private life was not the best. What many people do not know is that he did have a conversion while he was in the White House. What he publicly did for America was a great good i.e. economy, freedom etc, supporting our Constitution. 
The Republicans did not “go after” the Hispanics and call them thugs and criminals, but are trying to secure our border from illegal aliens which are from many nations, and were committing crime not only for coming over illegally, which is by the way breaking the law, but many other crimes too numerous to mention, but also due to the border and do the research. Do not rely on the digital or TV media for anything as you can see from the corrections being made here. 
As for Islamics, part of their faith is to kill the infidel. Anyone that is not Islamic is an infidel to them. It is not the people that the Republicans object to. It is the terror that this erroneous belief has caused throughout the world since it started around 620 AD. From its beginning, it was a forced belief by plunder and conquer, not a peaceful belief. Also, do the research. 
Republicans did not “go after” Native people and tell them they had no right to control their land when energy companies were building the pipeline. The pipeline was not environmentally unsound, but to the contrary was very safe. They have the top of the line welders, and workers and do everything by the law. Do the research!
The Republicans never told black people or any other nationality that “Black lives don’t matter” but rather on the contrary, supports and says all lives matter. We are all made to the image and likeness of God. 
The Republicans do not attack LGBTQ people themselves, but the serious sin that they promote and force on others.
The Republicans never “went after” the poor or blame them for America’s economic problems, but on the contrary helped us poor and listened to us. The greedy elites are mostly Democrat, not Republican. Do the research. Who are paying off the legislators and manipulate the markets, i.e. Planned Parenthood, George Soros, etc?
The Republicans did not go after Asians or anyone with Asian ancestry but the Chinese Communist government which has committed countless humanitarian crimes and sins with, not only their own people, but worldwide and not just the Covid-19, which is just one thing. Also, do the research. 
The Republicans did not “go after” women but on the contrary were helping them and their babies with options of life, because abortion hurts women in many ways and takes a life. We all have free will and can choose between good and evil. When a woman is pregnant, there are two bodies. The baby always chooses to live. 
There are four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance: oppression of the poor, withholding the laborer his wages, sodomy, and murder of the innocent, but all sin causes division. Most of what is written here are facts. 
Brother David and brother Martin let us all try not to sin and do research of our own to find truth and not to watch of listen to digital or TV media which are big tools for communist world control for their propaganda when only the few global elites will control everything and the rest of us will be slaves with no freedom i.e. The Great Reset etc. For Jesus said go sin no more! Let’s sin no more and not force others to accept our sins, but pray for one another for peace and the healing of our differences and be truly united in Jesus. 
Russell Kargel 
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