Dear Editor,

As I watch the news unfold each day, I am saddened. What saddens me the most is the lack of righteous anger from 50% or more of our citizens. It seems each day, another terrible decision is made by those sitting in Washington D.C. Each of those decisions makes life harder for most of us.  
Almost five million illegals have entered our nation since President Biden’s Administration came to power. You, the taxpayer, will end up paying for this invasion. You will pay for decades.
Washington sent $54 billion to Ukraine so far, and there is a possibility of that number going higher. What did Ukraine do with it? Their parliament gave themselves a 70% pay raise, and billions more of those dollars cannot be accounted for. Meanwhile billions of dollars in weapons provided to them are showing up for sale on the black market. Also, consider that Russia views our shipment of money and weapons to Ukraine as an act of aggression. We taxpayers are funding a proxy war against Russia, a nuclear power. This is stupid, and for what reason? Apparently many people want this war for their own profit, some of them are Americans.
Joe Biden’s energy policies are a disaster. Instead of being energy independent as we were under President Trump’s Administration, Biden shut down much of American oil production, and imports oil from foreign countries. We’ve all seen the large price increases when we fill up our vehicles at the pump. 
Inflation affects each of us. Anyone who goes to the grocery store knows that everything costs more today than it did before Biden was elected. Why? Government has spent more money than it took in, then just printed more money. That makes the $1 in you pocket worth less, what used to cost you $1 now costs you $1.09. This is for everything you buy. It will only get worse.
In the 70s, the U.S.S.R. was our enemy. They had show trials, political prisoners, corrupt government police agencies, and limited foods. I never expected to see these things in America. We have all those and more today.  
Now I see that Biden is proposing a bail out for those who took out college Loans and are having trouble paying them back. If this becomes law, you will be paying off someone’s college loan. Maybe as much as $20,000 dollars for each loan. You couldn’t afford, or decided to not go to college, but you will be paying for someone’s loan. Some financial models show it could cost the taxpayer up to $300 billion dollars. Hard working men and women will have to pay for this.
This is only a small portion of the list of problems that this administration created. Congress is supposed to work for us. Apparently, congress seems to think that we need to work harder for them. Have you called your elected reps to let them know your mind?
Troy Galebach, Willow Springs
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