Dear Editor:

I just watched some of the January 6th Congressional Hearings and commentary. There can be no question there is overwhelming evidence that former President Trump and his allies planned to use violence to keep him in office. There are questions about how involved the Secret Service was in furthering that cause. Former Vice-president Pence was a major factor in stopping the insurrection. 
Nothing in our Constitution states that insurrection is constitutional. The 14th Amendment states:
Section 3: Prohibited any federal or state elected, civil, executive, legislative, judicial or military official or member from engaging or giving aid or comfort to insurrection or rebellion efforts.
It seems to me if the investigation of January 6th is complete many more people than those in the crowd that invaded the capitol will be charged under the 14th Amendment.
Fortunately we will be able to vote in an election November 8th.  Before you cast your vote I urge you to consider the actions of our elected officials who continue to support the former president that incited the insurrectionists. The former president and his supporters are subject to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. These are not normal times. We need to change our behaviors in response to these new situations. It is no longer in your self interest or the need to preserve our democracy to select candidates just because of their party affiliation. I urge you to withhold your vote for candidates who support insurrectionists. 
James Vokac, Willow Springs
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