Dear Editor,

During the past two years, I’ve watched the Biden Administration do almost everything possible to lower the quality of living for all citizens, and destroy our Nation. As a man who loves our country, I can’t understand the apathy of my fellow citizens. Our Military exists to protect our Nation, and they do their jobs. On the other hand, we citizens have failed by allowing our Govt to dangerously weaken our Nation. The current Administration is comprised of fools who are totally unfit for the positions they are responsible for. One of them, a nuclear official was stealing a woman’s luggage at the airport while traveling.  He was fired, but there are many others unfit for the jobs they were given.
The Border is wide open with an estimated 5 million illegal criminals entering our Nation in the past 2 years. This due to the Biden Administration’s deliberate policy to allow and encourage this invasion. The taxpayers will be paying $150 Billion dollars needed to house, feed, and provide medical. This isn’t a one time expense, it is annual and will climb as more illegals come, and more will come. You allow the Government to steal your children’s future. Why are you silent?
Drug Cartels are making more money because of the non-secure border, and Americans are dying in record numbers from Fentanyl. Fentanyl deaths here are 215 per day and climbing, they are the leading cause of death among 18-45yo Americans. Do you care?  Why are you silent?
Every American is paying more for everything they buy. Why? Thank this Administration for shutting down American oil production, and buying more expensive oil from other countries around the world. Have you noticed that your Groceries cost much more these days? Companies have to spend more for everything they buy to make their products. This increase is most unfair to the poorest among us. Inflation is around 8%, that’s a tax increase to the consumer because your pay didn’t go up, but all prices have. Why are you silent?  
In 2022 alone the current Administration has given $112 Billion Dollars to Ukraine and recently pledged another 500 million dollars. These are your tax dollars folks, I don’t know why you are quiet about this. We owe Ukraine nothing, and if we keep sending weapons and aid, we might very well become involved in a shooting war with Russia. This is serious as Russia has nuclear weapons. Even if it doesn’t come to that we could be sending American troops to die and bleed for something we never should have become involved in to begin with. Why are you silent? 
Under this Administration:
Ukraine gets $113 Billion
Congress gets a 41% pay raise
Afghanistan Taliban got $85 Billion (abandoned weapons)
Iran gets $200 Billion
There are many other things you should tell your Congressman and Senators, there isn’t enough space here though.
Please write or call your Representatives. Save America!
Troy Galebach, Willow Springs
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