Dear Editor,

Another week has passed, and another name is added to my party's list of criminals, Scott Fitzpatrick - Missouri State Treasurer, who has joined the fascist ranks of Eric Schmitt by penalizing locally elected governments for trying to protect their constituents from sickness and death.
The new ploy used by Missouri's gang of tyrants is the refusal to refinance bond debt unless superintendents of local school districts promise not to protect their children from the ravages of disease for political reasons... which begs the question, "Aren't our school boards, city councils, and county officials elected by local citizens who have a better idea of the immediate need for our communities than career politicians hundreds of miles away in places like Jefferson City or Washington, D.C.?"
What has happened to my party's ideology that "government for the people should function from the grassroots up," or the primal mantra that "the smallest and closest government is the best form of government?"
Despite this far-right fractious version of "Republicanism" that lauds thuggery over representation of the people's best interest, what has happened to Missouri's supreme motto, "Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto - The health/welfare of the people is the highest law?"
These "wolves in sheep's clothing" must be purged from the Grand Old Party as they are also recalled from public office!
Edwin Woolsey, Willow Springs
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