"It's simple. Let the people decide!"

“Collins Sues to Keep Crow Off the Ballot” might be the most accurate headline ever written and I would like the VOTERS to hear why. This lawsuit has nothing to do with qualifications or filings – it’s about keeping my name, Janet Crow, off the Republican ticket in the August Primary and allowing my opponent to run worry-free. To the voters, rest assured, we will do everything in our power to not let that happen.
My opponent’s lawsuit lodges no complaints about myself, but rather two complaints against the Clerk of Howell County, Kelly Waggoner, merely for allowing me to file as a candidate for the office of Howell County Collector. As for the allegations, they’re baseless, as I understand the response from the state County Clerk’s Association and the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.
Importantly, what the lawsuit does not mention is the hour of intimidation and harassment suffered by myself and the staff of the Howell County Clerk’s office at the hands of my opponent while I was trying to complete my filing. My opponent should be concerned about the blatant deficiencies in his own filings and his misconduct in front of numerous witnesses, rather than trying to steal the people’s choice in this election.
To the voters of Howell County, while I anticipated the time would be August 2, 2022 for you to have your voice heard, the time is now. This extremely short-sighted lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to deprive the voters a choice. It is nothing more than an attempt to keep me off the ballot and for my opponent to run uncontested. My opponents actions are ultimately costing the taxpayers money. Voters, stand up, be counted and be heard, because it is your choice being stolen – not mine.
I appreciate the overwhelming support of the communities of Howell County. My excitement and dedication to serve the people has not waivered. I want nothing more than a fair election. Let “We the People” decide in August.
Thank you,
Janet Crow, Candidate for Howell County Collector
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