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More Observations
Events over the past few weeks have presented some interesting anomalies.  A few are worthy of commentary.
During the Republican convention, the nominated candidates have talked about the protests, violence and looting that have occurred in the past few months.  They claim if Biden is elected cities will endure all kinds of similar incidents.  It should be apparent that all these things have happened during President Trump's watch.  He doesn't seem to have a strategy to address them.  The pitch appears to be that even though they can't manage the situation now, if you reelect them then they will handle it.  Interesting argument.
Vice President Pence said if the Democrats get elected we will live under government control.  A minute later he said he and Trump were going to enforce law and order and the rule of law.  Isn't enforcing the rule of law government control?
The President said he was going to talk about the great job he has done controlling the coronavirus.  The US has the world's highest number of cases per capita and the highest number of deaths per capita.  I would hate to see what would have happened if he had done a poor job.  I guess claiming it would disappear in a few days was his version of managing the crisis.
The President claims he created the best US economy ever.  What he really did was build on the 8 year Obama recovery.  Check the statistics.  Job creation in Obama's 8 years far surpassed what has happened since.
We could also review the President's attempt to ruin the Post Office to cripple mail in voting (by his own admission) or his attempt to bankrupt Social Security by suspending collection of payroll taxes, but those actions have been painfully obvious and mostly covered in the media.
On the state level, Governor Parsons has adopted the Trump strategy of when you have messed up, create a diversion.  When it became apparent that his pitiful response to the covid crisis was an abject failure, he called the legislature into special session to combat violent crime.  Seems like violent crime was not so bad until July of this year.  It would take a miracle for the bills being passed to have any real affect on violent crime.  But, in the meantime, the Governor doesn't have to address covid.
Loren Robinson
Willow Springs

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