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Dear Editor,
I read with interest the article written by Congressman Jason Smith, “What I Witnessed”.  I'll begin at the point where things should have been addressed by competent government.  For 6 months, in various cities around the nation, local, state, and federal governments turned a blind eye to rioting, violence, arson, and infringement upon peaceful peoples’ rights.  Many in Congress and the media called these "mostly peaceful protests".  No, it isn't just a local or state problem, it affects all of us as you found out personally.  It is a national problem.  It’s been a problem for decades, and it is orchestrated by people who want to destroy our nation.
As to how those people got into the House, it was planned. The videos of the police letting rioters in are available on the web; this isn't rocket science, Congressman.  Perhaps there are those who believe this was spontaneous, but that is a child's view of what happened.  It wouldn't surprise me if some of your Congressional colleagues had a hand in this, even if it was only giving the rioters a gentle nudge to riot.  If you don't believe that, perhaps my vote for you was in vain.  I'm sorry that you folks were frightened by what happened, but now Congress knows how tens of thousands of folks across the nation felt while you discussed sending billions of tax dollars to foreign lands, many of which hate us.  P.S. Thank your colleagues for the $600 checks for Americans held hostage by virus concerns.  Common sense, Congressman, don't send billions to foreigners while Americans suffer.  Oh and don’t worry if a few buildings in D.C. get damaged or destroyed.  They can be replaced. What can’t be easily replaced is the feeling by many of us that our Government is corrupt beyond our wildest fears.
As to hiding behind chairs, next time don’t. It isn’t a good look, Congressman.  You are a part of a sizable organization which wants to take away our arms.  Were I in your shoes, I’d point out to your colleagues that this is a situation where an AR-15, or like weapon, is the perfect answer to the situation. After all, we citizens don’t have a dedicated police force to protect us in situations like this.  The word hypocritical comes to my mind, and you should be pointing this out strongly to your colleagues. 
My opinion published in the Howell County News a month ago, stated that the mail in ballots were a terrible idea because no one would believe the election results no matter who won.  Darn I hate being right.  If an ignorant man like me could see this coming, why couldn’t you and your colleagues?  
A quote to close: “Suppose you were a member of Congress.  And suppose you were an idiot.  But I repeat myself.” - Mark Twain
Please feel free to share that with your colleagues, I know they are not all guilty, but enough are.
Troy Galebach, Willow Springs 

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