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My Life
Born in Sacramento, California in 1946 I was a beautiful baby, they said. But by the age of two I was so hyper I got in trouble a lot! When my brother was born, we then moved Willow Springs Missouri where my father was born. Dad and mom bought a one room tarpaper shack on an eighty-acre farm. Then a no rain in history and the milk cows got skinny and no new house. Then in 1959 dad got a VA loan for $6000 and built a two-bedroom home with a bathroom. We had been using an outhouse until then. Whew. I started school in a one room schoolhouse but when mom got a job at the Willow Springs school cooking, I got to go to school at Willow. Bad student, but very athletic. I was a track star and set dash records that lasted until they went to meters. 
I joined the Army after I graduated high school as an Intelligence Analyst then completed basic high. Then to Survey training and advance survey. Sent to Korea in 1965 as a forward observer for an Honest  John unit. Back to the States as a specialist fourth class assigned to a 155 cannon crew. But a month later, the sergeant in charge called me in his office and “Marvin before you get in trouble I’m sending you to M.P. school.” Graduated and was sent back to be an M.P. at Fort Carson, Colorado. After graduating that school and doing patrol at Fort Carson, I was put in charge of the maximum security cells for draft dodgers. Then the commander found out who I was, and in January 1968 I was sent to Fort Greely, Alaska. I got married to my cute blind date from Pueblo, Colorado on January 17, 1968.
We have been married ever since. Four kids, two girls and two boys. I worked for Zenith for ten years and then for Kraft for ten years before I crashed from Agent Orange from Korea. Disabled, we lived off food stamps and money our parents gave us for a long time. Drove old secondhand cars and still do. Bought a double wide trailer and raised three of those kids in it. Then moved to Willow to the house with our youngest girl. 
I am a very hyper person with a very high I.Q and cannot stay still. Then about four years ago I got bit by a Texas tick and developed Alpha Gal. Lost 120 lbs before they figured it out. I am now skinnier than I was in high school and very weak. And have all my feeling back from the Agent Orange poisoning after a liver cleanse. Both knees are bone to bone and injuries all over my body. I’m getting my brain back too?  
Folks I have filed for the Agent Orange poisoning with the VA but nothing yet. And they are supposed to have medicine for the pain? I am waiting!
Eugene Walter Marvin, Willow Springs, Missouri.

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