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Republicans are Repressive
Repression occurs when any group is denied rights given to other groups. To a true Liberal, this is the worst possible situation. So-called conservatives have tried to use the term Liberal as a slur or insult. In the dictionary, liberal means generous, tolerant of others, and open to progress and change, you know, like that well-known community organizer, Jesus. The opposite of liberal is not conservative, but repressive, which means closed-minded, greedy, intolerant, judgmental, and resistant to change, sort of like the Pharisee Jesus opposed. So, whenever anyone misuses the term liberal as an intended put down or insult, they are identifying themselves as repressive, and when you think about it, repressive does sound like a bad thing to be.
The Republican Party openly embraced the Ku Klux Klan, NeoNazis, ProudBoys, and other White Supremacists. The disgraced former president bragged about sexual assault on women ... need more examples? Consider the following: At first, the Repressive Republicans went after Hispanics, calling them “thugs and criminals” and I said nothing because I wasn’t Hispanic.
Next, they went after all people of the Islamic faith calling them terrorists and pagans and I heard nothing because I wasn’t Islamic. (Sadly some Republicans couldn’t tell the difference between Muslims and Hindus, and Sikhs, and went after them too.)
Then they went after Native people and told them they had no right to control their land if energy companies wanted to build an environmentally unsound pipeline across it. And I thought nothing because I didn’t live on a reservation.
Then they told blacks and other people of color “Black lives don’t matter!”, and I did nothing because I wasn’t a person of color.
Then they attacked the LGBTQ communities, calling them unnatural deviants, and I wrote nothing because I wasn’t LGBT or Q.
Then they went after the poor by blaming them for all of America’s economic problems, and even though I knew it was actually the greedy elitists who pay off legislators and manipulate the markets, I told no one because they couldn’t hear over right-wing media propaganda and lies.
Then they went after Asians, calling Covid-19 the “Kung flu”, and encouraging Republicans to assault and threaten them. They lumped all Americans with Asian ancestry together despite their incredible diversity and multitude of ethnicities.
Then they went after women, bellowing that women do not have a right to control their own bodies, but this time I realized I had better say something because if you and I are not one of the white, wealthy, and greedy who control the current Republican Party, they will come after us next.
David Sanford with thanks to Reverend Martin Niemöller
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