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 Every day, I watch the news. Every day, I read the newspaper. Every day, I think about writing a letter to the editor. Every day, I let it slide. Finally, I must get some things off my chest.
I am so sick of politics, so sick of the Supreme Court, so sick of seeing women’s rights taken away. My body, my decisions. End of story. Not only have they overturned Roe vs. Wade. Now they will work on taking our rights for birth control. Next will be taking away the legalization of gay marriage. Issues that we have fought for all these years are slowly being taken away. The only way to stop this is to vote for the people who will protect our rights. Please vote BLUE in November and every election thereafter.
Every day, I read the police reports and see how the main topics of arrest are drugs and domestic violence. No matter how hard our police officers work to arrest these people, the judicial system just slaps them on the wrists and lets them go. When will we find resources to rehab these addicts and to punish those who turn them into addicts? When will we find the resources to help those victims of domestic violence.
When will we find the resources to supply our youth with the counseling and support they need during the many crises they face every single day. When will we find the resources to support our teachers and pay them decent wages?
Now that I have rambled on about a little bit of everything that disturbs me, I must address the front page article of the Howell County News about the thefts at our thrift store. People that donate their items there expect them to be sold to help the needy in our area. People that volunteer there do so to help support the less fortunate in our area. Not one single person draws a wage there. It is all volunteerism. Good people doing good things. Then along comes the despicable people who dig through the donated items left on the porch and change prices on items already marked too cheap. I would almost guarantee that the people who do this stealing are some of the same people who benefit from the food pantry every month. M.U.N.C.H. is a great organization that works very hard for the people of our area. I hope they prosecute these thieves to the fullest extent.
 Diane F. Jeffery, Willow Springs
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