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Hello Howell County,
I have always said that I am not a politician. I am just a cop.  That’s all I know how to be.  I am certainly getting a big taste of how politics work right now.  With only a week to go until the Sheriff’s election on August 4, the mud is now slinging my way! 
There have been several things said and written about me in a very negative light in an effort to sway my supporters away from me.
One bit of mud slinging that I wanted to address here requires just a little bit of a back story.  If you are a follower of the Howell County News, you would be familiar with the story last week about Mr. Carr addressing the city council in reference to a ticket he received.
Mr. Carr made numerous phone calls to myself, the City Administrator, the Court, etc. regarding his concerns, and he did air his complaints at the last city council meeting.
The ticket was not dismissed, and Mr. Carr will receive his day in court to argue his case at a jury trial.
He then paid for an ad in another publication bringing up an incident that occurred in 1999.  Although I found the letter to have very little accurate statements, one true statement was that a lawsuit followed, and even though it is now 21 years later, I am aware that there was a gag order associated with the case.  Not only was the city and its interest gagged from talking, so was the family in question.  If Mr. Carr wishes to publicly speak about this matter that is certainly his right, but unfortunately myself or anyone else associated with this case cannot legally discuss the details.
Police Chief
Bryan Hogan
Republican Candidate for Sheriff

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