Letter to the Editor

Howell Oregon

Folks, my house is well warmed and cooled by all of my electrical devices! Two water heaters, one freezer, one refrigerator, one small air conditioner, and a fake fireplace heater that looks real in the summer and heats in the winter. And a few portable heaters in the winter. And of course lights everywhere, house, shop, barn, cellar and green house. Years of my wiring up our world. 
Without my electrical company keeping me wired up my life would have been very difficult. No more cutting wood for a fire in the winter and being warm in the winter. I do my yard work in the cool of the mornings and stay cool in my living room during the heat of the day.  
So folks to sit in line for over an hour the other evening for eighty one dollars to be paid on my next electric bill was well worth the time alone with my snacks and radio and the old cougars air conditioner, a 1997 classic maroon cougar and lots of volunteers directing traffic. Thank you folks!
Bud Marvin, Willow Springs

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