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St. Paul once said, "Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour." Romans 13:7
According to the apostle's command, I would like to pay my debt of gratitude to the youth group of Lifegate Church of Kansas City and their leaders/sponsors/mentors ... especially a young fellow named Duran.
Moments ago, I was sitting in a McDonald's restaurant in the small town of Willow Springs, Missouri, when the youth group of Lifegate Church entered for lunch on their way to a conference in Alabama. As an old, retired school teacher of 31 years, I keenly know how a group of young people can conduct itself on an outing far from home. Consequently, field trips were my least favorite activity during my years of teaching. But not so with the kids from Lifegate Church!
Instantly, I noticed the group's tidy appearance and exemplary behavior. Sure, they were all talking and laughing as normal youths do, but there was something uniquely different about the children from Lifegate Church! They had integrity! Without saying a single word, their life example was already a witness for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Similar to the everyday experience of St. Peter and St. John, the elders "were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus" by the way the disciples conducted themselves. Acts 4:13
Hardly were the kids seated to eat before I started a conversation with two boys closest to me. Immediately, they shared their affiliation with Lifegate Church of Kansas City. I complimented them for being members of such an admirable group of young people.
One of the leaders, a gentleman named Duran, made his rounds to see if all the children had their orders so no one was left out. Satisfied that everyone had their meals, only then did Duran begin his lunch. Clearly, the kids under Duran's charge were more important to him than satisfying his own hunger.
Sadly, I owe Duran an apology because hardly had he begun to eat before I inquired about the group under his charge. Very personable, Duran was more than eager to tell me about Lifegate Church. Soon we were discussing God's abundant love, Christ's infinite grace, and the effect of both on the lives of children.
I wish I could have visited the entire day with Duran, but the group's lunch break was almost over, and I had carelessly interfered with the young man's meal. But despite my thoughtless infringement, the youth leader from Lifegate was beaming to have an opportunity to share Jesus with a total stranger. Duran's automatic reaction to our conversation reminded me of Christ's statement to His disciples, "I have a kind of food you know nothing about." John 4:32
Well, in summary, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the young people of Lifegate as they traveled through Willow Springs, Missouri, to their conference in Alabama. I valued the time I inconsiderately stole from Duran's short lunch break to visit with one of the church's youth leaders. And now, I simply want to share Christ's grace with the families back home in Kansas City who have every justification for being incredibly proud of the kids. Please remember to hug Duran and every single one of the children when they return safely from their travels. May God richly bless your labor of love in Christ Jesus. Amen!
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