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It has taken me a minute to grasp things, but here are my opinions:
1.  The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, from my understanding, is run by the Board of Directors, not the City of Mountain View. Yes, what happened is not ours to judge. We don't like it, but we always have three sides to every story. From my understanding, the Board will still be running the chamber and all the events will still take place. 
2. Several people complaining about things such as the golf course, the pool, parks, etc: guys/gals if we want this town to succeed, we need to take our own part in things such as attending the City of Mtn. View Board meetings (which are the second Monday of every month located at the City Hall Courthouse). The City posts things on their Facebook page, etc. in case meetings have been changed and or new meetings come up. Only two or three people attend these meetings. 
3.  The new plants planted along downtown were part of a project put on by the Mtn. View Chamber and had businesses donate to help purchase the plants.
4. The golf course: I don’t play, but do know the course has lost several events due to the maintenance and upkeep of the golf course. And I only know that because I was a sponsor of two of the events that were supposed to take place.  
5. Businesses that still support this town: I read on several comments that residents won't use the businesses around town. This is not the businesses’ fault. Please shop your local stores and use your local banks, realtors, etc. The way the City is run is not our fault. 
Yes, I have my opinions on the way things have been run, done, etc. I don't like it either, but if you watch the videos the City has posted, you will see we have no one attending the meetings, to ask questions and or voice opinions. The older folks on the Board do not use Facebook, or know the complaints, needs, or wants of the residents. We have to do this in person. Folks, we have to work together at getting this city back under control. Work together not against each other. 
Thank you and have a great day. Please support your local home folks that support you and your children for events, sports, etc. I love this town and want to make it something special!
Lawanda “Cricket” Anderson, Mountain View, Mo.

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