Howell County Sheriff’s Office

December 27
James Samuel Hunt, 20, book and release for driving while intoxicated
Jesse Lee Parsons, 38, failure to appear
Marcus Anthony O’Neal, 37, unlawful possession of a firearm
Cody M Raby, 31, abuse or neglect of a child, assault first degree, endanger the welfare of a child first degree
December 28
Scott K Chaisson, 39, failure to appear three counts, probation violation three counts
Dalton Steven Wilson, 23, failure to appear two counts
Jesse Duane Hite, 26, 24-hour hold for resisting arrest
December 29
Jarid Allen Thompson, 47, parole violation
Jarvies Wilson, 42, court commit
Larissa Alexis Marsh, 20, failure to appear three counts
Cody Duane Kenaga, 21, 24-hour hold for possession
Clinton Duane Kenaga, 54, 24-hour hold pending formal charges
December 30
Donnell Charles Cason, 28, domestic assault second degree two counts, domestic assault third degree
Daniel Ray Young, 31, stealing
January 1
Michael James Goodwin, 56, trespass second degree
January 2
Roger Lee Wake, 38, failure to appear
Kristen R Smallwood, 27, endanger welfare of a child second degree
Uriy Yevgenyevi Dudko, 25, 24-hour hold pending charges
January 3
Jerry Wayne Croney, Jr., 42, failure to appear
January 4
Lonnie Wayne Mahan, 48, failure to appear three counts
January 5
James Allen Cox, 35, failure to appear two counts, non-support arrears in excess of 12 months, two counts
Kelby Dean Hutsler, Jr, 22, unlawful use of weapon
Sara Leann Paschall, 32, 24-hour hold for burglary
Daniel Joseph Garza, 41, court ordered commitment
John David Suit, 40, passing bad check
Jennifer Leigh Webb, 24-hour hold
January 6
Matthew Dean Dodson, 28, failure to appear
Joshua Paul Stroh, 35, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, failure to appear, fugitive from out of state
Don Coalirn Henry, 40, driving while revoked
January 8
Casey Alan Morgan, 35, domestic assault, third degree
Brandon Lee Anderson, 28, operate vehicle without valid license
Pavel Petrovich Kryshtal, 35, Nathaniel Lenin Mejia, 21
Calls for Service
December 27
Deputy Michael Pauly took a report of a runaway juvenile.
December 28
Deputy Paden Turnbull took a report of missing cattle.
December 30
Deputy Tessa Jens took a report by phone of identity theft. A subject relayed that a scammer stole their family’s personal information.
Deputy James Wardrip responded to State Route K for an assault. Formal charges are pending.
December 31
Deputy Jens responded to County Road 7830 in Caulfield for a stolen vehicle report. The case is under investigation.
Corporal Matthew Roberts took a report of a firearm stolen from a residence.
January 1
Deputy Shaun Duggins responded to County Road 2380 for a report of domestic assault. Neither party wanted to pursue charges. 
Deputy Duggins responded to County Road 6370 for a report of an assault. He found the reporting party to be intoxicated and uncooperative. After clearing the scene, the party continued to call the Sheriff’s Office and issued verbal threats to the dispatcher. 
Deputy Jens took a report of child sexual abuse. A report will be forwarded to the Children’s Division.
Deputy Devan Medenhall took a report of a domestic assault that had taken place previously. 
Deputy Jordan Collins responded to County Road 1330 in Pomona to assist EMS for an alleged Fentanyl overdose. Drug paraphernalia and suspected controlled substances were found at the scene. EMS transported the person for treatment.
Deputy Adriel Lisboa responded to County Road 5490 in Willow Springs for a death investigation. 
Deputy Travis Weaver responded to County Road 8270 for a report of domestic assault. A report will be forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney. 
January 2
Deputy Matthew Roberts responded to County Road 3330 in Mountain View for a report of a domestic disturbance. 
January 3
Deputy John Thomas made contact with a subject reporting a stolen catalytic converter. 
Deputy Dylan Webb took a report of a missing phone and money from a business on County Road 6070. The investigation is ongoing.
January 4
Deputy Webb responded to a business in Pomona for a burglary. Items were taken and an investigation continues.
Deputy Thomas took a report of child abuse. He filed a report for future reference.
Deputy Thomas responded to a storage facility regarding trespassing. He made two arrests with charges of trespassing and burglary. 
January 5
Deputy Melanie Roam responded to a report of a subject walking in the roadway. They admitted the subject into OZH for mental evaluation.
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