Mountain View Police Department

June 14
Joshua Scott McGee, 36, Mountain View, Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia
June 9
Megan N Blevins, Mountain View, trespassing
June 13
Amanda Crane, Mountain View, harassment
June 14
Joshua Scott McGee, Summersville, failure to display required lighted tail lamp, reflector, flashing light, lamp or lantern on animal-driven vehicle, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia
June 8
A female came into the police station and reported a stolen trailer. 
June 9
The police department was given complaint forms in reference to threatening statements.
June 11
The police department received a report of theft.
The police department had an incident of resisting arrest.
June 13
The police department received a harassment complaint taken and a citation was issued.
June 14
The department conducted a traffic stop and drug paraphernalia was found.
Calls for Service
June 8
Corporal Trenton Roberts was contacted by a man making sure that an officer would be at the police department so he could pick up some paperwork and make a statement. The man was advised that an officer would be available. 
Corporal Roberts was contacted by Howell County Sheriff's Office requesting assistance with a pursuit involving a motorcycle traveling towards Mountain View. MVPD officers were in position to assist, but the pursuit traveled around the city and MVPD officers were not needed. 
Detective Stetson Schwien located a stranded motorist along US 60 near Taco Bell, and provided assistance until the vehicle was able to be towed. 
Detective Schwien was dispatched to a possible lawnmower fire on Highway Y. Upon arrival, he determined the fire was actually a brush fire that was being controlled. He advised the Mountain View Fire Department to disregard their alert. 
Detective Schwien responded to reports of a female subject in Walmart parking lot soliciting money. Detective Schwien arrived and observed the woman blocking traffic asking for rides. A citation issued for loitering and disorderly conduct (interference with traffic). 
Detective Schwien was dispatched to Mountain View Fabricating for a report of a terminated employee refusing to leave the property. Upon arrival, he was unable to locate the employee. The employee had already left the premises before arrival. 
Detective Schwien was dispatched to Mountain View Golf Course for a report of a careless driver. Upon arrival, he was informed that a 16-year-old male had spun out in the parking lot and thrown gravel all over other vehicles.  There was no property damage reported. The subject was later located and warned regarding driving in that manner. 
June 9
Chief James Perkins was dispatched to West Plains Bank for a safety deposit alarm. Upon arrival, Chief Perkins spoke to a banker who stated it was a false alarm. 
Chief Perkins received a report claiming a female was in the roadway screaming at the top of her lungs.  
Officer Travis Wilbanks received a call requesting extra patrol at her home on East 3rd Street.
June 10
Officer Wilbanks was requested to assist the fire department with smoke in a home. It was found that the hot water heater lines had burned, the occupants were advised to have someone come look at it in the morning.
Officer Wilbanks received a call of a dead deer lying in the highway. He located and removed the deer from the roadway.
Chief Perkins was called to the residence for a medical overdose. Upon arrival in speaking to both subjects it was determined that there was no overdose. The ambulance was canceled per request of the patient. 
June 11
A female stopped Officer Gregory Abney at Signal, and requested that he follow her home due to a man that approached her in the parking lot and then followed her around town, even stopping at one of her friends residences and pulling in the driveway beside her vehicle. 
Officer Abney was called to the location for the complaint of a truck speeding up and quickly stopping and an individual getting out of the vehicle and running away. 
Corporal Roberts was dispatched to Walmart parking Lot for a report of a reckless driver.  The area was checked and no vehicle matching the description given was located.
Corporal Roberts was dispatched to a residence on WW Highway for a report of a suspicious package. The box contained produce from a local church.
June 12
Corporal Roberts was called to Vine Street for an animal complaint.  The caller stated she would contact the animal owner.
Officer Abney received a complaint of a dog running around the Park. He spotted the dog and it was with the owner and on a leash
June 13
Corporal Roberts was dispatched to Seventh Street for a report of someone burning tires. The area was checked and was unable to be located.
June 14
A male came to the police department to request extra patrol in his neighborhood. Corporal Roberts said that extra patrols would be conducted in the area.
Corporal Roberts was dispatched to 60 Highway for a report of a physical altercation. Both parties were seen getting into vehicles and traveling south on Pine. Both vehicles were stopped, and a report on the altercation was taken.

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