Mountain View Police Department

December 16
Jace Griffin, 19, Andover, Kan., exceeding the posted speed limit (16-19 over)
December 17
Zane Smith, 18, Willow Springs, fail to show proof of insurance
Samuel Russell, 21, Spring Hill, Tenn., exceeding the posted speed limit (20-25 over)
Douglas Shannon, 51, Cabool, fail to register a motor vehicle, other plates prohibited, possession of drug paraphernalia
December 20
Michael Brunner, 43, Mountain View, fail to yield at yield sign- causing accident
December 25
Nicholas Cooley , 22, Mountain View, fail to display state plates
December 27
Trapper Bright, 21, Bolivar, stealing
December 29
Andrew Miller, 29, Willow Springs, exceeding the posted speed limit (20-25 over), driving while license is suspended/ revoked
December 30
William Ledbetter, 53, Mountain View, shoplifting
December 31
Douglas Holloway, 29, Birch Tree, property damage/ vandalism (under $500)
Morgan Renfro, 37, Peachtree Corners, Ga., exceeding the posted speed limit (11-15 over)
David Doyle, 34, Willow Springs, possession of open container
Calls for Service
December 16
Corporal Trenton Roberts responded to review some footage of possible child abuse. Division of Family Services were contacted, and Crpl. Roberts conducted a book and release of one subject.
December 17
Officer Matthew Combs received a call from a business about a confused subject. After contact, the person refused medical care.
Officer Combs spoke with an individual about vandalism to a residence caught on video. The investigation will continue.
Corporal Roberts assisted Children’s Division with two separate home visits. 
Corporal Roberts responded to US 60 for a non-injury vehicle accident.
December 18
Officer Kylie McGee assisted EMS with an elderly subject having chest pains.
December 19
Officer McGee responded to a report of juveniles throwing things into the roadway. She spoke with the juveniles’ parents.
December 20
Assistant Chief Stetson Schwien responded to a non-injury vehicle accident.
Officer McGee responded to a residence with a juvenile home alone. Unknown vehicles at the residence were checked and cleared. Officer McGee spoke with the juvenile and he mother. 
Officer Allen Reef responded to Walmart for unruly customers. Per request of management, the customers were trespassed from the property.
December 21
Officer Timothy Gordon responded to Signal for a report of intoxicated juveniles. The juveniles were cleared and asked to the leave the business. 
December 22
Officer Gordon responded to a residence that had reported a door forcibly opened. Footprints were found in the snow along with the damaged door. Officer Gordon cleared the residence and spoke to the owner. 
Officer Gordon responded to a commercial alarm. He found the building secure.
December 23
Corporal Roberts responded to a residence on East Seventh St and a report of an elderly person with no heat. He found the resident to have heat and the subject in no need of medical assistance.
December 24
Officer Reef responded to a commercial alarm call. He discovered a package slid under the door setting off the alarm.
December 26
Officer Reef responded to a commercial alarm call. He found the building secure.
December 27
Officer McGee responded to a residence for a possible medical emergency. She assisted EMS crew in transporting the subject.
December 28
Officer McGee assisted EMS with a subject with an altered mental state. 
December 31
Officer Combs responded to Second Street for a report of a domestic disturbance. Both parties involved admitted to breaking a window. Citations were issued for property damage.
January 2
Officer McGee responded to North Marr Street to speak with a subject about video evidence of a break in at a church. Charges are pending in accordance with the investigation. 
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