Mountain View Police Department

July 24
The police department responded to Casey’s to take a theft report.
The police department responded to Walmart for a report of an individual fraudulently returning merchandise.
July 26
Officers were dispatched to Washington St. for a vehicle break-in. While on scene, two other calls came in on the same street for vehicles that were broken into. 
July 23
Jonathan Kaul Kinder, 17, Mountain View, purchase/attempt to purchase or possession of liquor by minor-1st offense, driving while intoxicated-liquor, failure to use turn signal.
Anthony Dickman, 33, Mountain View, stealing
Calls for Service
July 22
Officer Gregory Abney responded to a non-injury motor vehicle accident on Airport Road.
Officer Timothy Gordon responded to the scene of a reported public disturbance and waited with an intoxicated individual for friends to come take the individual home.  
Officer Gordon responded to a report of disturbance involving child custody and was able to resolve the issue between the parties and they left the scene.  
Officer Gordon was dispatched to assist with a choking child.  The child was fine when upon officer arrival.
Officer Gordon received a report of a suspicious vehicle on East U.S. 60 Highway. He drove through the area multiple times, but was unable to locate the vehicle.
Officer Gordon responded to E. Seventh St. for an issue concerning a dog.
Officer Gordon performed a wellbeing check for an individual on N. Ash Street. 
July 23
Corporal Trenton Roberts was dispatched to U.S. 60 Highway and Y Highway for a vehicle stalled in the road where he diverted traffic until the vehicle was towed from the road. 
Shannon County Sheriff’s Office contacted Corporal Roberts to locate a vehicle involved in a hit and run. Corporal Roberts was unable to locate the vehicle. 
Officer Timothy Gordon assisted another agency with delivering a notification concerning a court date.
A man came to the police department to pay the bond on an outstanding warrant. The bond was paid, and Corporal Roberts gave the man the proper documentation stating the warrant was satisfied.  
Officer Gordon responded to an animal call and removed the animals from the individual’s property.
Officer Gordon responded to Walmart for a theft in progress which resulted in an arrest. 
Officer Gordon performed a traffic stop on West U.S. 60 Highway for a reported suspicious vehicle which resulted in an arrest.
Corporal Roberts was dispatched to Missouri St. for a disturbance between two parties. The situation was resolved.  
July 24
Officer Gordon responded to an animal call, but no one was home at the given address.
A woman contacted the police department stating she has a protection order, but the subject of the order was taking pictures of her car. She wanted to file a complaint. Corporal Roberts took the report.
A park ranger contacted Corporal Roberts requesting to use the police department for an interview. 
A caller advised Corporal Roberts that a woman with an active warrant was walking on Marr St.  Corporal Roberts checked the area and was unable to locate the woman. 
July 26
A reporting party called the police department to report a suspicious person run across the golf course, heading towards the buildings on the property. Officer Gordon responded to the scene to do a complete check of the building and grounds, but he did not see an individual. He noticed an open main door on a golf cart shed at the Golf Course. After performing a building check, Officer Gordon found three main doors to be unlocked, one was open, and an open overhead door fully raised. Officer Gordon checked all the buildings with unlocked doors then locked and secured all the doors before returning to service. 
A reporting party called the police department to report flashlights at the golf course. Officer Gordon informed the reporting party that officers were out at that location doing a building check. 

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