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July 21
Officer Allen Reef received a call of physical disturbance. The caller stated a disgruntled former employee refused to leave after being asked to do so multiple times. He spoke with both parties, who stated things got heated and that they would leave the bar. All intoxicated parties called for a ride home.
Officer Reef assisted Shannon County Sheriff’s Office with obtaining a report for two individuals at Mercy hospital with stab wounds.
Cpl. Trenton Roberts contacted a former employee and their father at Taco Bell who were refusing to leave after being told they had been trespassed from the property. Both parties agreed to leave.
Cpl. Roberts received a call about a vehicle doing doughnuts in the SBU parking lot. The vehicle in question could not be located.
Cpl. Roberts assisted Children’s Division with a juvenile and their family. 
Cpl. Roberts responded to East Seventh Street for a report of property damage.
July 22
Cpl. Roberts assisted with a juvenile matter.
July 23
Asst. Chief Stetson Schwien responded to E. James St. for a report of stolen bikes. He later located the bikes and identified the suspects.
Asst. Chief Schwien responded to Washington St. for a report of a verbal disturbance. Investigation found unwanted parties on the property. After speaking to them, the subjects left. The reporting party did not wish to press charges.
July 24
A concerned individual brought a juvenile to the police department they found alone near North Elm.
July 25
Officer Reef checked an alarm. Everything appeared fine.
Officer Reef received a report of subject at a residence with the reporting party not home. Investigation found a subject not allowed on the property. 
July 26
Officer Reef responded to a verbal dispute. Both parties agreed to separate. 
July 27
Chief James Perkins spoke with an individual stating someone struck their vehicle and left the scene.  He will look at the cameras for further information.
Asst. Chief Schwien spoke with an individual stating a subject rammed their vehicle into her vehicle while parked in her driveway. The same subject caused damage previously to her vehicle. 
Asst. Chief Schwien took a report of a non-injury vehicle accident.
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