West Plains Police Department

January 22
Christian Scott Bates, 21, license required, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana/synth cannabinoid
Paul Vincent, 35, possess drug paraphernalia
January 23
Jennifer Lynn Carlock, 35, failure to appear
Carrie McFarland, 62, trafficking drugs or attempt – first degree
James Arial Quiroz, 41, trafficking drugs or attempt – first degree
Michael Ray Lewis, Jr, 46, failure to appear
January 24
Charles Edd Scrivner, 57, license required
Justin Daniel Saunders, 40, license required
January 25
Johnathan Steele Martin, 34, fugitive rom out of state – felony
Zachariah Fonseca, 21, equipment violation, license required
January 26
Lucas Steven Haynes, 20, failure to appear
Brandon Scott Kuhlman, 33, 24-hour hold
January 27
Paul William Dugan, 19, failure to appear (three counts)
January 28
Doyle Dean Richardson, 59, failure to appear (three counts)
Terry A Richardson, 56, failure to appear (two counts)
Perry Skyler Elliott, 33, failure to appear
Tadan Freeman, 23, stealing
Christian Heath Brinkley, 23, failure to appear
Braden Farrokhan, 32, burglary – first degree
Lily Elizabeth Strunk, 19, speeding 20-25 over
Travis L Tyler, 44, failure to appear (three counts)
Calls for Service
Cpl. Trent Kinder received a report of an abandoned vehicle on South Hill. Officers had the vehicle towed for public safety.
Cpl. Thomas Manning responded to Conoco on Porter Wagoner in reference to a subject with active warrants. While searching the subject prior to arrest, narcotics were located on their person.
January 23
Officer Ivie Powell responded to Anderson Ct. in reference to a deceased person. No foul play is suspected, this case will be closed.
Officer Powell responded to Preacher Roe in reference to a theft report. Interviewing the reporting party, they relayed that a subject entered the story, concealed items on their person, then left without paying. He identified the suspect and charges will be forwarded to the West Plains Municipal Courts.
While investigating a two-vehicle accident, Officer Whitley Clark found one of the drivers did not have a valid license and issued them a citation.
The West Plains Police Department executed a narcotics search warrant on Allen Street. The search
warrant included all vehicles at the residence, outbuildings, and late arrivals. Officers arrested two subjects on related charges. 
Officer Brent Keepes responded to the area of Ramey's Grocery store in response to a report of a
runaway juvenile from a residential facility. He located the juvenile and placed them back into protective
custody at the residential facility.
Cpl. Wesley Stuart responded to Sixth Street for a report of a domestic disturbance. A probable cause statement will be completed and submitted to the West Plains Municipal Prosecuting Attorney's Office seeking charges for domestic assault 4th degree.
Cpl. Stuart responded to south US 63, Snappy Mart for a report of found property. He discovered the item to be illegal drug paraphernalia and submitted it for destruction.
January 24
Cpl. Stuart responded to a protection order violation on Burgoyne. Officers located suspect after they fled the area and placed them on a 24-hour hold pending formal.
Officer Powell received a report on Worley Drive in reference to a theft that occurred previously. Interviews with the reporting party found a suspect entered the store and after selecting a pair of boots, left the store without paying for them. This matter remains open.
Officer Keepes responded for a report of two juvenile stealing. He located the juveniles in the area of Howell Avenue where they fled on foot. The two males have not been found or identified. Further investigation is being conducted and charges will be sought.
Sgt. Colter Reid spoke with a subject in reference to a possible missing person. The case is considered open.
Cpl. Stuart responded to Second Street in reference to an individual damaging a vehicle. He identified the suspect, and a report will be submitted seeking charges.
Cpl. Stuart located an open door on Worley Drive. There were no signs of foul play.
January 25
The 37th Judicial District Juvenile Office referred a guardian of two juveniles to the Southwest MO Cyber Crimes Task Force to conduct digital forensic extractions on two cellular devices suspected as containing child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Officers completed the process and devices returned to the guardian.
Officer Powell spoke with an individual reporting the theft, return, and damage to a vehicle which occurred on a previous date. The matter remains under investigation.
Cpl. Micah McKemie responded to Jefferson Avenue in reference to a domestic violence incident. He arrested a subject on an outstanding warrant.
Officer Chris Siegrist received a report of an assault. The incident is under investigation.
Officer Siegrist responded to Jackson Street for a report of a dog bite. Officers did not locate the dog.
Officer Siegrist spoke to an individual regarding a report of harassment. The incident is under investigation.
Cpl. Stuart spoke with a subject reporting they were struck by a vehicle injuring their hand. The individual could not give a location of the incident. EMS transported them for treatment. 
January 26
Dt. Neuschwander spoke with an individual reporting sexual assault from several years ago. The investigation is ongoing. 
The Southwest MO Cyber Crimes Task Force received a Cyber Tip Report from the National Center of Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), indicating that a juvenile of West Plains reported that he was being extorted by unknown persons on a social media platform concerning child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The juvenile submitted the report. 
Officer Jacob Brixey took a report of a subject that while being booked into the West Plains Jail made threats against law enforcement. A report will be forwarded to the West Plains Municipal Prosecutor. 
Officer Barrett responded to Missouri Avenue for a report of vehicle theft. Investigation found a victim reporting they were assaulted by another in the vehicle. The subject left the vehicle and the other left with the vehicle. Officers arrested the subject, and a report will be sent to the Howell County Prosecuting Attorney for review.
Officer Keepes responded to a residence on Stephens for a suicidal individual. EMS transported the individual for evaluation. 
Officer Brixey took a report of threats of violence by email. The incident will be forwarded to the West
Plains Investigative Division for further investigation.
January 27
Officer Deshazo responded to South Thayer Avenue for a report of stealing. The incident shall be considered open pending further investigation.
Officer Brixey responded to Rent-a-Center for a report of stealing. He identified a suspect and charges will be forwarded to the Howell County Prosecutor's Office.
Officer Siegrist took a report of stalking. The incident is under investigation.
Officer Siegrist received a report on Hubert Redburn of stealing.
Officer Robert Shell responded to Preacher Roe Blvd for a report of stealing. He arrested one subject for the offense and outstanding warrants.
January 28
Officer Siegrist Aldridge in reference to a disturbance. Officers found a verbal incident occurred and separated both parties for the night.
Officer Barrett received a report of counterfeit currency. He seized the currency and turned it in.
Officer Brixey received a report of terrorist threats issued by mail to Walmart. Investigation located a suspect, and they were arrested and placed on a 24-hour hold pending charges. 
Officer Brixey responded to Preacher Roe Boulevard to a report of stealing. He arrested a subject and placed them on a 24-hour hold. A probable cause statement will be sent to the Howell County Prosecutors Office.
Cpl. Manning conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that then fled from officers. They apprehended the driver for fleeing and reckless driving. Officers located narcotics and transported the individual to jail. 
Officers successfully arrested seven individuals as a result of warrant service.
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