Willow Springs Police Department

May 28
Tellita Dooley, Willow Springs, warrant from Mountain View Police Department
May 28
Tellita Dooley, Willow Springs, failed to fasten seatbelt
Samantha Jackson, Willow Springs, failed to fasten seatbelt
Kim Bell, Willow Springs, failed to fasten seatbelt
May 29
Leland Collins, Thayer, driving while suspended/revoked
Keegan Bowen, West Plains, stop sign violation
Brent Altermatt, Willow Springs, failed to fasten seat belt
Tyler Cook, Mountain View, failed to register vehicle; failed to maintain financial responsibility; open container visible; and minor visibly intoxicated
Victoria Collins, Willow Springs, pedestrian improperly in road
May 30
Harold Flanigan, Harviell, Mo., exceeded posted speed limit
Carolyn Blakely, Waynesboro, Miss., exceeded posted speed limit
Cameron Jordan, Brooklyn, NY, exceeded posted speed limit
May 31
Nicholas Shelton, Pomona, stop sign violation
John Castor, Marshfield, exceeded posted speed limit
Ethan Jeckstadt, Mountain Home, Ark., exceeded posted speed limit
Harley Valentine, Chuckey, Tenn., exceeded posted speed limit
May 31
Officer Ben Bishop received a report of a wallet stolen from a vehicle on Turner Drive. 
Calls for Service
May 28
A woman came into the station to register her dog. 
Assistant Chief Ellison and Corporal Brian Jackson responded to a call from a woman complaining that her adult son refused to get out of her vehicle while screaming and yelling and scaring her other children. 
May 29
Officer Travis Weaver responded to a call of an injured man on the ground. On the scene, he made contact with an intoxicated male complaining that his back hurt. EMS transported the man to the hospital. 
Officer Weaver responded to a report of a shirtless man walking around a neighborhood late at night. The man was not located. 
A man on North Walnut St. called 911 about dogs coming into the yard. Animal control responded, and the man indicated the house where the dogs belonged. The owner of the dogs was asked to keep them in their yard. 
Officers responded to the parking lot of Cattleman’s Steakhouse for a report of individuals arguing. Contact was made, and the parties were arguing over who had rights to a vehicle. Police verified the legal owner, and that party left with his car. 
May 30
Officer Weaver responded to a report of a man being violent with a woman. On arrival, there was no altercation, and both parties said everything was fine. 
A retail store manager reported what looked like a man and woman messing around with the ladder of his store. Officer Weaver did not locate anyone when he arrived on scene. 
June 1
A sales representative at R&R Tire in West Plains called the station to advise that a customer stopped making payments on a set of tires they purchased. As a result, R&R repossessed the tires. The caller believed the subject would call to report the tires as stolen and wanted to explain this was not the case. 
A man who lives on East Sixth St. called to report that 11 of his 13 chickens were killed by what he believed to be a neighbor’s dog. Animal control officer David Hocking and Officer Jim Hedlesten spoke to the neighbor who said her dogs had not been bathed in several days and showed no signs of having attacked an animal. The reporting party advised he will be putting up security cameras and will call back if there is another incident. 
June 2
Officer Bishop responded to a disturbance at a residence on Walnut St. A subject there voluntarily committed himself to the stress unit after being transported to the hospital by EMS. 
A man called to report an abandoned vehicle on his property. 
Sergeant Michael Huffman responded to call about cows out in the area of the Eleven Point fire station. The animals were headed out into the road. Sgt. Huffman was able to contact the owner who got the cows back in. 
June 3
The manager at Loves truck stop called to report a vehicle that had been on the property for more than a week. 
A reporting party was concerned about an older woman she observed sitting on a couch on the side of the road on AA Highway. Since the location was outside city limits, a sheriff’s deputy responded and discovered it was a mannequin. 
June 4
A caller reported a chainsaw he found in the roadway outside the city limits. He had already reported it to Howell County Sheriff’s Office, but he wanted to report it to the city as well.

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