Willow Springs Police Department

July 24
A police officer took a report of a stolen firearm at an address on E. Fourth St.
July 26
Chad Green, 47, Willow Springs, warrant arrest
July 23
Brennan Allister Strunk, West Plains, stop sign violation
July 24
Karla J Decker, Butler, Mo., exceeded posted speed limit
Allen L Goyer, Lansing, Kan., exceeded posted speed limit
Paul M VanBecelaere, Lees Summit, Mo., exceeded posted speed limit
Shane A Godby, Waynesville, Mo., exceeded posted speed limit
July 25
Michelle Dawn Ward, Salem, Ark., exceeded posted speed limit
July 26
Claire E Chappee, Belthalto, Ill., exceeded posted speed limit
Barbara J Briggs, Springhill, Kan., exceeded posted speed limit
July 29
Kegan J Drown, West Plains, exceeded posted speed limit
Leteash J.E. Harris, Pensacola, Fla., stop sign violation
Calls for Service
July 23
A woman called the police department to speak with the officer who had worked the accident she had been in.
Yarber Mortuary called the police department to request a funeral escort.
A Casey’s employee contacted the police department on behalf of a customer. The customer reported a woman in a blue Cavalier was asking people in the parking lot if they knew where she lived and how to get home. Officer Glen Moore responded to look for the vehicle.
A man called the police department to report he had just been at Casey’s, and there was a woman who came up to him and asked him where she lived.  He was concerned about her and followed her to MUNCH.  Officer Moore and Assistant Chief Ellison found the woman.  She had just moved from out of state and was not sure how to get back to her house.  
A woman called the police department to inform them that someone was replicating the non-emergency line to call people. The scammer was stating they were with the attorney general's office requesting individuals pay a fine or be arrested.
A woman called to report a strange dog had appeared on her front porch.  The dog was white with light brown spots and had a chain attached to its collar.  Animal Control was dispatched and took the dog back to its owner.
Officer John Thomas performed a building check on the golf course.
July 24
911 dispatched police officers to the Town and Country for a rear door alarm.  Once on scene, the officers verified there were no unlocked doors and did not see anyone in the area.
A man called the police department and spoke to Officer Jim Hedlesten about a child custody situation.  
A man called the police department stating he was from out of town and had locked his keys in his car at the Town and Country.  An officer gave him information for a service that could help him. 
A man called about a field fire.  His father was out brush hogging and hit a rock which started the fire.  The man was transferred to 911 who handled the call.  
A man reported powder on the railroad track.  He noticed the powder when he drove over the viaduct and thought it might have spilled out of one of the train cars.  Officer Paden Turnbull responded to the location and stated it appeared to be sand.  BNSF was contacted, and they said they would check it out.
911 requested police assistance for a Mountain View ambulance regarding a man having hallucinations.
911 dispatched police officers to Industrial/Railroad Drive on behalf of the Howell County Sheriff’s Office to be on the look out for a silver Jeep believed to have fired shots on County Road 5320.
July 25
911 dispatched police officers to Highway Z for a report of a single gun shot.  Officers inspected the area, but did not see any vehicles on the roadway. 
911 requested officers perform a wellbeing check on an individual per a video online.  No location information was available and the individual in the video was not located in their database. 
The police department received a report of a young man shooting a pellet gun at the apartments. Officers spoke with the young man’s parents explaining that no discharge of projectile weapons in city limits is allowed.
The police department responded to a report of a child on Fourth St. with knives.  Officers spoke with the parent, who was teaching the child how to throw a knife.  
Police officers responded to a report of trespassing on West Fourth St. The officers spoke with the party and they left.  
Officers assisted the Howell County Sheriff’s Office with a search warrant.
July 26
A woman contacted the police department with a child custody question.  
July 27
Police officers responded to a residence on North Center St. for a report of a man knocking on the windows.  When the officers arrived, they were unable to locate the man.
July 29
Animal Control and Assistant Chief Ellison visited a home inside city limits to inform the residents that they have one week to remove the pig that has been living inside the home.  Per city ordinance, no pigs can be kept inside city limits.  
July 30
A building check was performed on the golf course. 
A building security check was performed on E. Main St.
A security check was performed at Booster Field.

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