Bears Fall at Ava

Regular Season Ends in Defeat
The Willow Springs Bears traveled to Ava for a Bear to Bear faceoff for the last game of the regular season. Ava had a 4/4 record. It has been three weeks since Willow has been on the gridiron, and the team is still missing several key players. Wind and cold at Ava didn't help Willow to keep hold of the ball.
The game started off with Ava receiving. Ava gained 40 yards on their first three plays. Willow’s Justin Chaney (no. 88) wrapped up the Ava quarterback on a blitz play at Willow’s 40-yard. Scottie Osborn (no. 40) played an impressive game all night, never giving up and powering through, carrying the game for Willow. Willow's defensive game tried correcting, but Ava was too much to handle.
With 3:24 left in the first quarter, the handoff to Ava's running back Colby Miles for a 55-yard gain on the run. First and goal from the 7-yard line, Zach Mendel ran it in for a touchdown. The two-point conversion was good. With 5 seconds left in the quarter, the ball flipped to Ava’s Mendel for an 18-yard touchdown. Ava went for two, and their quarterback Zach Richards kept the ball, and got in for the two points. The score was 16 to 0, Ava.
With 7:13 left in the second quarter and first-and-ten at their own 20-yard line, Ava snapped to Richards for a 72-yard touchdown run, but did not make the two-point conversion. The gap widened to 22 to 0.
With 9:54 left in the third quarter, it was first-and-goal for Ava.Richards, with his second touchdown of the night, ran it in from the one-yard line. Ava completed the 2-point conversion. Willow trailed 0 to 30. 
Scooter Osborne (no. 55) batted down a rare pass by Ava, almost making an interception.
With one minute left in the third quarter, Ava handed-off down the middle to Jacob Lirley, who ran it in from the three-yard line. Mendel ran it in for the two-point conversion, and Ava stretched their lead to 38 to 0. 
The fourth quarter still showed some excitement for Scotty Osborne, who ran the ball for 20 yards ending at the two-yard line. It was first-and-goal for Willow. Owen Duddridge (no. 3) connected with Chaney (no. 88) for the touchdown stopping the turbo clock. The attempt for the extra point was no good. The game ended 38 to 6, Ava. 
Ava’s offense was on; Willow couldn't see past the diversions. Ava Quarterback Zach Richards was carrying his team well. Ava had a dominating running game and a compelling decoy game.
Justin Chaney, with a tremendous defensive game and a touchdown, was definitely the one to watch Friday. Scotty Osborne, was the workhorse of the Willow team, with 19 carries and 152 yards.
Willow will travel to Forsyth Friday, October 30 for the first game of districts. Forsyth has been averaging 44 points a game.

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