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Consolation Prize in the Mountain Grove Tournament

Willow Springs Bears vs. Marshfield Blue Jays
The Bears defeated the Marshfield Blue Jays Monday in the Mountain Grove Tournament. From the start, the Blue Jays got the tip, then threw a pass and Gabe Colvin caught it for the Bears. Owen Duddridge swished a three. Scooter Osborn stole the next play from the Blue Jays; there was no score, and the ball was thrown away. With four minutes left, Bears were up 5-0. They ended the quarter 14-2 thanks to strong defense.
In the second, the Bears stretched their lead to 22-14, Bears going into the half.
Willow Springs scored 5 points within the first minute and half of the third, but then both teams began to make mistakes with turnovers. The game changed to a battle to score.
Going into the fourth, the Blue Jays were giving up points to fouls, and the Bears came out on top with a final score of 48 to 40. Scoring for the Bears were Scottie Osborn with 18, Owen Duddridge with 16, Scooter Osborn with 8, Gannon McGinnis with 4, and Gabe Colvin with 2.

Willow Springs Bears vs. Hartville Eagles
The Hartville Eagles possession from the tip off stopped short when Owen Duddridge got fouled, and the Bears setup again. Strong defense from the Bears made the Eagles turn over, and Scottie Osborn made the first points. With four minutes left of the quarter, the teams are tied at 5.
The teams battled back and forth fighting for points and ended the quarter 12-11 Eagles.
The second quarter begun busy for the Bears, with good offense and scoring. With five minutes left, Bears were down by 2. Owen Duddridge was benched as he went up for a layup and came down hard injuring his foot.
The Bears trailed but were still in the game going into halftime with a score of 21-15 Eagles.
In the third, the Bears had trouble with offense, and did not score in the first three minutes. Hartville’s lead stretched to 31-25 over the Bears.
It was a rough start for Willow in the fourth with a turnover. The Bears got the ball back, but starter Owen Duddridge’s absence was apparent.
With 1:45 left to play, the Bears were struggling for points to fall, until Taylor Rothermich hit a three. It was a good effort, but the Bears fell short, with a final score of 50-36, Eagles.
Scoring against the Eagles were Scottie Osborn with 20, Owen Duddridge with 5, Gannon McGinnis with 4, Taylor Rothermich with 3, Scooter Osborn and Gabe Colvin with 2 each.  

Willow Springs Bears vs. Mt. Grove Panthers
In the final game of the tournament, the Bears played host the Mountain Grove Panthers for the Consolation place, with Taylor Rothermich filled the position of the injured Owen Duddridge. The tip went to the Panthers, but Willow kept them from scoring. The teams would play three minutes without either one putting points on the board.
Scooter Osborn drew first blood under the basket, and then Scottie Osborn stole the ball and made a layup. It was a low scoring quarter for both teams that ended 12-10, Panthers.
The Bears tied the score thanks to Gabe Colvin early in the second and moves ahead scoring a basket and free throw as well. With 5:11 left to play, the Bears scored again and moved ahead by 3 points. They made it hard for the Panthers to score and went into the half  20-16, Bears.
Willow came out from halftime strong and confident working good defense and held onto their lead despite a few mishaps. Going into the final quarter, the score was 34-20.
The Bears did well with their offense, foot work, ball handling, and passing to run the clock down in the final minutes of the game and hang on to their lead. The final score was 44-30, Bears.
Scoring in this game were Scottie Osborn with 20, Gabe Colvin with 11, Scooter Osborn with 8, Taylor Rothermich with 3, and Ryan Koehler with 2. Their record is 13-4 at this point in the season.
The Bears’ Scottie Osborn made the All-Tournament Team.
Next up, the Bears will travel to Salem at 6 p.m.


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