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Willow Springs falls to Ava 50-7

The Willow Springs Bears clashed with the Ava Bears on Thursday night, losing 50-7. 
Willow was already at a disadvantage before they even made the field. Two injured starters, Gavin Ferguson and Taylor Rothermich, could not play. Despite the loss of two prominent players, Willow still managed to score on Ava.
Ryan Friga received the ball on the Ava 39 and forced through the center, then left to avoid a defender. He punched the ball into the endzone for a touchdown. Willow elected to kick the ball, and it was good.
On offense, Ryan Koehler, Gennadiy Dudko, Warren Ennis, and Marcus Tinsley stepped up and made some very aggressive plays. Early on, Marcus Tinsley caught the Ava kickoff at the 10-yard line. Ava's kicks were always long, and he ran it to the Ava 40, where a host of Ava Bears finally took him down. A flag rendered the play inert, and the ball moved back to the Bear 30.
Gennadiy Dudko made short work of Ava defense after he received the ball on the Bear 40 and ran it to the 45, where an Ava Bear hit him. Instead of falling, Dudko forced his way for three more yards, finally falling from another attacker a few yards short of a first down. 
Despite the score, Willow’s defense fought tenaciously for every foot of green. On an Ava offensive play, Warren Ennis scrambled through the center to hit a player who would have gone unchecked, forcing him back for a loss of two yards. Soon after, Ennis would snag an Ava fumble and turn the ball over to Willow. After the ball was turned back to Ava, Dudko dashed to intercept a touchdown-bound player. Immediately after, Dudko sacked the quarterback for a loss of 3 yards.
Willow will take on Houston again this Friday in a tournament game at 7:00 p.m.
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