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Willow wins big over Cabool

Willow Springs traveled to Cabool for the Bulldogs’ Homecoming game, crushing them 44-22.
The first quarter saw points from both the Bulldogs and the Bears. Brendan Ferguson ran in the TD for Willow, but the PAT was blocked. The quarter ended with a score of 8-6.
Willow began to branch out and dominate offensively and defensively in the second quarter. Ryan Koehler was instrumental in the defense game, causing the Bulldogs to fumble and lose yards multiple times. He was also quick to sack Bulldogs who had evaded other defenders and were on a touchdown run, notably running down two Bulldogs who were out of reach of anyone else, taking down one a mere 7 yards from paydirt.
Gennadiy Dudko was also formidable on the defense, taking down anyone who got in his grasp regardless of size or strength. 
Gavin Ferguson, Willow’s running back and outside linebacker, was a menace on the field. O offense, a combination of Nate McDaniel and Ryan Koehler helped support Ferguson's pushes through Cabool’s lines. Ferguson was quick to recover Bulldog fumbles prevent turnovers for the Bears. 
Very little stood against Ferguson. Between the excellent shielding his team provided for him and his own strength, once carrying three Bulldogs over four yards.
As the Bulldogs realized the danger that Ferguson presented to them, they began to focus on him. The Bears adapted, beginning to pass to Taylor Rothermich after feinting to Ferguson. 
From there, Koehler received a 30-yard pass for a touchdown, but a flag was called, and the points were no good. With 16.6 seconds left on the clock, Koehler took possession again and sprinted for another touchdown. 
Rothermich was a master of evasion in the last quarter, escaping four Cabool defenders, running the ball in increments of 10 yards until he scored a touchdown. The two-point conversion was Willow’s only successful one of the game. 
In the last half of the game, two Cabool Bulldogs suffered injuries. #50 suffered a severe ankle injury, and #4, Brady Byerly, suffered a concussion and was carried off the field on a stretcher. A full recovery is expected, commented Cabool’s Athletic Director Tyler Spittler. 
The Willow Springs Bears will face off against the Mountain Grove Panthers in an away game on Friday at 7:00.
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