WS Thomas F. Benyo Golf Scores

Two Lady Scramble on July 10
We had 15 teams. The weather was good. Dave cooked lunch to order, and he and the
guys had the course in great shape. A big “thank you” to all of our hole sponsors. We had salads and desserts after the match.  Thank you also to all who brought food.
Score 68 Bev Hicks and Michele Meyers
Score 70 Linda Benyo and Linda LeBaron
Score 71 Sherri Unger and Barb Tate
Score 74 Jackie Smith and June Gunther
Score 78 Sandra Hawkins and Jody Jarrett
Score 78 Cyndi Summer and Taetum McClellan
Score 83 Sherri Jungerferman and Lana Reese
Score 85 Teresa Dowden and Julie Jackson
Score 85 Pam Smith and June Swanson
Monday, June 12 Church League
Rain was here at 5:30, but we had 15 players and started at 6:00 PM
We had 3 teams of 5 persons each. Two teams had a Score of 27. Payne hole was 5.
1st place Score 27, Bryce Duddridge, Gibby, Patrick Reed, Scott Williamson, Wendy Willard
2nd place Score 27, Ben Knight, Tryton Henley, Linda Benyo, Chad and Seth
3rd place Score 30 Josh and Audrey Berry, Johnny Miller, Mike Coatney, Steve Coatney
Tuesday, June 13 Cat and Dog
Paid 1st, 3rd  and 5th
Score 33 Aaron and Heather Miller
Score 35 Mike Coatney and Linda Benyo
Score 36 Steve Coatney and Nancy Vornold
Score 37 Barb Tate and Buster Graves
Score 38 Gibby and Wendy Willard
Score 41 Pam Smith and Terry Brock
Score 42 Luke Reitz and Paige Odem
Score 45 Kaye Tipton and Josh Berry

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