WS Thomas F. Benyo Golf Scores by Linda Benyo

Church League was a little short, but we had 9 people come out to play at 6 pm. No money
out:bragging rights only…
1st place  Score 30 Mike Coatney, Tryton Henley, Brett, Linda Benyo
2nd place Score 35 Will and Christian Gunnerson, Scott Williamson, Chris Miller, Bailey Iott AKA (Rinky Dink)
Tuesday July 6th Cat and Dog
Paid 1st, 2nd and 4th Payne Hole #6
Score 35 Michele Meyers and Brad Lauffer
Score 35 Buster Graves and Barb Tate
Score 35 Heather and Aaron Miller
Score 36 Steve Coatney, Nancy Vornold
Score 37 Mike Coatney, Linda Benyo
Score 38 Terry Brock, Pam Smith
Score       Farrell Graves and Christa

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