Super Food Microgreens at the “Go Farm” Farmers Market

Ron's Microgreens & More is a local Howell County business located in historic Hutton Valley.  It is owned and operated by Ron and Samia Cummings who grow microgreens year around and other produce seasonally. Their business grew out of a desire to eat a more nutritious diet, especially after Samia was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb. 2020.  
Microgreens are especially nutrient dense.  A 5” x 5” clamshell container of broccoli microgreens contains roughly the same nutritional content as two and a half pounds of mature head broccoli.  Each variety has its own spectrum of nutrients. Radish and Arugula microgreens are very nutritious and add a spicy kick to your salad or morning omelet or scrambled eggs. Sunflower microgreens are a nutty sweet favorite that even kids love to snack on. Pea microgreens help stabilize blood sugar for diabetics. Other microgreen varieties loved by the Cummings family are Red Acre Cabbage and Purple Kohlrabi.  "Try them all in stir fry, rich smoothies, salad, or let us know how you like to use them,” says Ron Cummings.  
Ron will be at “Go Farm” Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am-1pm sampling out all varieties of microgreens!  Located in the Endurance Church parking lot, next to Hirsch in West Plains.
In addition to Ron’s microgreens, we have 6 different meats including sausage and jerky, boiled peanuts, honey, eggs, baked goods, fermented foods, jams, syrups, sorghum, Asian foods, kettle corn, crafters, and much more! EBT accepted.
** Don’t forget to sign up for the Seed Starter Workshop Saturday February 20th, 1 - 4 pm at MSU. You will go home with a 50-cell seed pack you planted for your home garden. You ca see the information on our FB page, or contact Sheila Barton at 417-255-7784, email, or search seed starter workshop West Plains. 

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