Matt Hobson, newly elected member of the Willow Springs School Board.

Matt Hobson: A New Face on the Willow Springs School Board

First-time candidate Matt Hobson was elected to the Willow Springs R-IV School Board in the municipal election on June 2. 
Hobson was educated in the district himself from kindergarten to high school. When he stopped by Howell County News to discuss his election win, he hinted that he knew Coach Colley pretty well in the latter’s position as assistant high school principal.
“He had a tough job having to discipline all us kids,” he said, “It’s not something you ever would have thought you’d be doing: interacting with him on that type of level [on the School Board].”
Hobson was quick to point out, however, that in his career, he has worked with people from many different walks of life in stressful situations. This experience prepared him for serving alongside even his old assistant principal.
Hobson says he ran because he wanted, “ represent the community, the people I go to church with, the people I know, the people I’m friends with.” He ran on a platform of Christian, conservative values, but Hobson is not sure how those values will need to manifest during his tenure on the Board. 
Like the other members of the Board elected this year, Hobson agrees the budget is a top priority. 
“The budget is a big factor and how do we reintroduce the kids in the fall?” he asked, “No one’s ever done this before. It’s uncharted waters we're trying to muddle through.”
There is no question the pandemic has created an unheard-of set of challenges for this School Board, but Hobson seems confident his colleagues are equal to the task.
“All the people on the board are willing to help and are a good group of people,” he said, “I want to thank Adrianne Mansfield and Shane Lee for their time. We shouldn’t forget the service they did for the community working on the Board.”
Hobson and his wife, Stefanie, have two daughters who attend Willow Springs Schools where Stefanie is the CAT program teacher.

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