Recipients of MSU Foundation scholarships at MSU-WP announced

Officials at Missouri State University-West Plains (MSU-WP) recently awarded donor-funded scholarships from the Missouri State University Foundation to students for the 2022-2023 academic year.
The students were selected based on criteria established by the donors of the scholarships, university officials said.
More information about the scholarships can be found at the financial aid website,
The list below includes the names of students have accepted the scholarships as of Dec. 16.
MSU-WP empowers students to achieve personal success and to enrich their local and global communities by providing accessible, affordable and quality educational opportunities.
MSU-WP offers associate degrees and credit and non-credit courses, and serves as a delivery site for bachelor's and master's degrees offered by Missouri State University in Springfield.
Missouri State University-West Plains - 2022-2023 Foundation Scholarship Recipients
- 1963 Heritage Endowed Scholarship: Joseph Grant and Katrina Sidorovich of Willow Springs.
- Adeline E. Moore Non-Traditional Book Scholarship: Veronica Hay of Salem; Mariah Burnett of Bakersfield; Lauren Kegg of Belton; Barbara Brake, and Brynna Cupp of Birch Tree; Shonda Moore, and Paula Riggs of Cabool; Sarah Amburgy of Caulfield; Booker Berry, Linda Fox, Toni Joyce, and Michelle Spencer of Dora; Leilani Barrett of Florissant; Ashlinne McGhee of Gatewood; Shayna Adams, and Kristian Bennett of Houston; Roche Burrell of Kansas City; Emily May, and Hannah Palmer of Koshkonong; Elizabeth Lancaster of Lee's Summit; Abigail Lawson of Mountain Grove; Samantha Boston, and Tamatha Green of Mountain View; Heather Fabrizio of Myrtle; Miranda Hooker of Norwood; Jacqueline Welch of Pomona; Lynaya Downen of Pottersville; Mackenzie Simpson of Summersville; Audriana Burton of Tecumseh; Megan Webster of Thayer;Savannah Bailey, Kristen Barrett, Kyla Bunch, Chrystal Cates, Lynnsey Chilton, Heather Day, Charley Haskins, Hailey Hugg, Gary Johnson, and Kilie Judd of Thayer; Juliane Lopez, Eric Martin, Brandilyn Miller, Travis Pohl, Makayla Ray, Leslee Ruengert, Shawna Sanders, Jacob Skiles, Lowell Stewart, andKasey Weatherford of West Plains; Seth Chavez, Joseph Grant, Jo Guffey, Tatyana Plyushcheva, and Katrina Sidorovich of Willow Springs.
- Al Hufstedler Leadership Scholarship: Katilyn Ruddy of Alton; Elizabeth Benson of West Plains.
- Al Hufstedler Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Oregon County): Elizabeth Benson of Myrtle.
- Allison London Smith Endowed Scholarship: Matthew Stephens of Eminence; Kenzie Warren of West Plains.
- Bessie Yadon Endowed Scholarship: Gracie Anderson of Mountain Grove.
- Bill Burris Endowed Scholarship: Cabool: Madelyne Aaron of Cabool; Julie Andrews of West Plains.
- Carol Bell Silvey Endowed Scholarship: Christin Gayer of Manfield/
- Cecil Riley and Greg Prevett Memorial Scholarship: Mackenzie Simpson of Summersville.
- Charles H. and Rena Wood Endowed Scholarship: Reuben Henderson of west Plains.
- Clyde and Joyce Bell Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship: Isabelle Bohnenkamp of Mountain Grove.
- Crissy Bell Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Ashton Contreras of Norwood.
- Darr Incentive Endowed Scholarship: Leilani Barrett of Florissant; Ashleigh Jackson of Thayer; Kaydence Brown, Lauryn Farish, and Meghan Johns.
- Darr Scholar Award: Jayce Haven of Thayer; Trinity Elliott of West Plains.
- Dixie Huff Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Inna Koverznyeva of West Plains.
- Don and Judy Kenslow Endowed Scholarship: Harly Howell of Alton.
- Donald E. and Carol D. (Roe) Reser & Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Anna Meeks of Caulfield; Pottersville: Savannah Summers of Pottersville; Kristen Barrett of West Plains.
- Donald Flinner Scholarship: Harly Howell of Alton; Cody Allen of Cabool; Anna Meeks of Caulfield; Wesley Balk, and Reuben Henderson of West Plains.
- Doug Darr Community Leadership Restricted Current Scholarship: Ethan Kissinger of Pomona.
- Dr. Bruce Mitchell Smith Endowed Scholarship: Heather Montague of Koshkonong.
- Emory Melton Endowed Scholarship: Allissah Cunningham of West Plains.
- Everett and Opal Parrott Endowed Scholarship: Juliana Moore of Graff.
- Frances Reiter Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship: Annie Bishop of Tunas.
- Gammill Family Foundation Scholarship for Nursing School: Mariah Burnett of Bakersfield; Paula Riggs of Cabool; Camryn Clayton of Licking; Ashton Contreras of Norwood; Rebekah Crosser of Pomona; Katelyn Owens of Tecumseh; Megan Webster of Thayer; Savannah Bailey, Heather Day, Adiline Hicks, Chloe Howell, Nicole Meher, Jamaica O'Shields, Wyatt Reid, Shawna Sanders, Taylor Vonallmen, and Kasey Weatherford of West Plains; Shanna Neal of Winona.
- Glyn Spears Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Miranda Hooker of Norwood.
- Graham and Connie O'Neal Endowed Scholarship: Averi Sigert of Willow Springs.
- Granvil and Idell Vaughan Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Sarah Amburgy of Caulfield.
- Honorable William Hass Endowed Scholarship: Thomas Gann of Birch Tree.
- Jack and Marian McNevin Endowed Scholarship: Faith Littlejohn of West Plains.
- Jess and Betty Garnett Family Endowed Scholarship: Shonda Moore of Cabool; Kebron Ghebreigziabher of West Plains;
- Jim and Cindy McFarland Endowed Scholarship: Brandilyn Miller of West Plains.
- Jim and Nell Peters Endowed Scholarship: Averi Sigert of willow Springs.
- John Craig Memorial Scholarship: West Plains: Brandilyn Miller of west Plains.
- Judge Harold and Martha M. Henry Endowed Scholarship: Owen Harris of West Plains.
- Judith Shepard Newman Endowed Scholarship: Kylee Sheppard, Breanna Vandiver of Mountain Grove; Grace Schierling of Mountain View. Wilhelm Christopher of Pomona; Amber Summers, Haylie Jeffery, and Inna Koverznyeva of West Plains; Dora Hummel of Willow Springs; Casey Smith, and Erica Vermillion of winona.
- Kent and Barbara Thomas Student Ambassador Scholarship: Kale Willison of Thayer.
- Lelia Heuer Restricted Current Scholarship: Samantha Boston of Mountain View; Lowell Stewart of West Plains.
- Lelia Heuer Restricted Current Scholarship for Howell County: Abigail Harris, and Jesse Mills of West Plains.
- Lida Risner Bozman and Louis Bozman Endowed Scholarship: Linda Kerley of West Plains.
- Lillian Meade Darr Endowed Leadership Scholarship: Luke Stephens, and Matthew Stephens of Eminence; Brianne Abbey of Mountain View; Kayla McCarter, and Alexis Shumpert of West Plains.
- Linda Wood Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Natalie Wiehe of West Plains.
- Lorin L. Vaughn Probation & Parole Citizens Advisory Board Scholarship: Destinee Gray of Thayer.
- M. O. Looney Community Service Endowed Scholarship: Kaitlyn Thompson of Drury.
- Margaret W. Shaw Endowed Scholarship: Launa Cheever of Alton; Heather Fabrizio of Myrtle; Jayce Haven, Ashleigh Jackson, Hallie Johnson, and Michela Skinner of Thayer; Julie Andrews, and Owen Harris of West Plains.
- Marianna Hoover Endowed Scholarship: Kristian BennettĀ  of Houston.
- Marvin Wheeler and Lorene Wheeler Endowed Scholarship: Haley Willbanks of West Plains.
- Mary H. Sheid Student Ambassador Scholarship: Andi Howard of Dora; Caitlyn McNew of Willow Springs.
- Mary Lou and Don Sallee Endowed Scholarship: Madelyne Aaron of Cabool.
- Maxine Brown Restricted Scholarship: Kristian Bennett of Houston.
- May Wheeler Memorial Scholarship: Hallie Johnson of Thayer.
- Mike and Mary Jane Lybyer Endowed Scholarship: Brynna Cupp of Birch Tree.
- Mildred M. Schobert Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Sarah Amburgy of Caulfield; Shayna Adams of Houston; Brandilyn Miller of West Plains.
- Missouri State University-West Plains Technology in Manufacturing Scholarship: William Smith of Willow Springs.
- Mountain Grove 2006 Missouri State Alumni Endowed Scholarship: Gracie Anderson of Mountain Grove.
- Mountain Grove Missouri State University Alumni Endowed Scholarship: Zoe Schafer of Hermann.
- Mynde Tarter Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Taylor Rogers of West Plains.
- Naomi McKee Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Kelsea Martin of Mountain View.
- Norman Rieger Dora Endowed Scholarship: Taylor Morgan of Dora.
- Nursing Alumni Endowed Scholarship: Nicolas Barraza Ortiz of Mountain View.
- Onita Trett Endowed Scholarship: Jacob Skiles of West Plains.
- Peggy Rieger Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Kassidy Scott of West Plains.
- Ralph F. and Louella Cox Endowed Scholarship: Julie Andrews, Shawna Sanders, and Jacob Skiles of West Plains.
- Rita Fugate Endowed Scholarship: Mikayla Green of Thayer.
- Rita J. Turpin Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Paula Riggs of Cabool.
- Robert Neathery Endowed Scholarship: Katrina Sidorovich of Willow Springs.
- Robert T. Drago Endowed Scholarship: Dalton Ball of West Plains.
- Roger D. Shaw Endowed Scholarship: Heather Fabrizio of Myrtle; Destinee Gray, and Michela Skinner of Thayer.
- Roy and Vallie Mayfield Memorial Scholarship: Lexy Bridges of west Plains.
- Samantha Beach Endowed Scholarship: Megan McCrackin of West Plains.
- Scholarship for Future Welders: Gabriel Foster of Thayer.
- Shirley Calhoun Lawler Endowed Scholarship: Angela Maciel of West Plains.
- South Central Ozark Home Health Endowed Scholarship: Austin Row of West Plains.
- St. Francis Farm Endowed Book Scholarship: Hannah Palmer of Koshkonong.
- Susan Sims-Giddens and Edwin Giddens Scholarship: Grace Schierling of Mountain View; Lillian Stephens of Newburg; Kateura Williams of Saint Peters; Sarita Rivera of Springfield; Annie Bishop of Tunas; Tamatha Green of Mountain View; Chloe Howell, Nicole Meher, Helen Meyer, Makayla Ray, and Jacob Skiles of West Plains; Kale Willison of Thayer.
- Tarter-Thompson Endowed Scholarship: Charley Haskins of West Plains.
- Ted and Jeanette Gilliam Endowed Scholarship: Allissah Cunningham of West Plains.
- The Lancaster Family Endowed Scholarship: McCade Dixon of Winona.
- The McIntosh Trades Scholarship: Joseph Grant of Willow Springs.
- Urban Missouri Scholarship: Ahmea Parham of Raytown.
- Virginia Henderson Nursing Endowed Scholarship: Leilani Barrett of Florissant.
- Vivian H. Drago Endowed Leadership Scholarship: Vanessa Metheney of Cabool; Luke Stephens of Eminence; Addyson Kelly of Norwood.
- West Plains Bank & Trust Endowed Scholarship: Lisa Inlow of West Plains.
- West Plains Campus Letters and Communications Scholarship: Kenzie Warren of West Plains.
- William and Virginia Darr Endowed Leadership Scholarship: Kaitlyn Thompson of Drury; Andrea Rivera, and Hannah Stokes of West Plains.
- Zizzer Scholarship: Faith Littlejohn of West Plains.
- Zizzers Class of 1964 Nursing Endowed Scholarship: Wyatt Reid, and Taylor Vonallmen of West Plains.
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