Willow Springs School Board Election Results

Colley, Webb, and Hobson are in
Three counties span the Willow Springs School District: Howell, Texas, and Douglas. By 9:00 p.m. on the night of the election, June 2, County Clerks from each of the counties were reporting unofficial results. The below totals are based on poll numbers released from each county once 100% of their precincts were reporting. 
Adam Webb- Total: 460 (402 from Howell, 34 from Texas, and 24 from Douglas)
Matthew Hobson- Total: 418 (379 from Howell, 27 from Texas, and 12 from Douglas)
Brent Colley- 408 Total (371 from Howell, 22 from Texas, and 15 from Douglas)
Adrianne Mansfield- 239 Total (210 from Howell, 18 from Texas, and 11 from Douglas)
Amanda "Mandi" Hood- 160 Total (133 from Howell, 13 from Texas, and 14 from Douglas)
The first school board meeting after the election was June 7. Colley is returning for his second term, and Webb and Hobson attended their first meeting as Board members.

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