Winners of School Decoration Contest Winners of School Decoration Contest AnnouncedAnnounced

The evening of December 15 was the scene of a Christmas extravaganza on the public school campus. It was the night of the judging of the Christmas decoration competition sponsored by Simmons Bank. 
“What started out as two buildings in competition with each other turned into 8 entries,” said Jennifer Owens of Simmons Bank, “I never imagined a couple of months ago when I came up with the idea that everyone would be as excited as they are. On top of that, no school funds were used.”
Prizes were awarded in two categories: school buildings and outbuildings. In the school buildings category, the winner was the high school. Their display stretched across the lawn in front of the high school and even reached the roof where the school band was playing. They have been awarded $200 from Simmons Bank to use for a celebration. 
In the outbuildings category, the superintendent’s office beat out Hicks House. In her announcement of the winners, Owens mentioned the presence of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Bragging rights were certainly at stake among the adults. The staff at the Hicks House bought lunch for the winners at the main office, and then bought participation trophies and ribbons for themselves. 
The judges also awarded an Honorable Mention to the Middle School Special Education trailer for the decorations hand made by the students

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