Lakeland Pharmacy Talks Long-Term Plans in Willow

In a year of economic downturn and uncertainty, Lakeland Pharmacy made an investment in Willow Springs by moving to a newly-built location on Bear Crossing Dr. at the South Junction. 
In an interview with Howell County News, owner Mike Stuart said, “We have every intention of remaining in Willow Springs as long as they’ll have us.”
The new location seemed attractive for the pharmacy’s location because, “There’s a lot of activity down there for people coming and going,” Stuart said. 
The staff at Lakeland is, “a mix of new and old employees. Some familiar faces,” he said. 
Interim managing pharmacist Dan Priest reiterated this point in an interview on December 10. Priest is a licensed pharmacist who has worked with Lakeland for twenty years. He is in the Willow Springs store three days a week. 
“Our plan is to put a good solid group together to give great customer service and to help people as they have always been helped,” he said. 
Priest said the new location has received a positive response from the community. He mentioned there has been an uptick in foot traffic in the store. 
Despite the COVID-crushed economy and all the uncertainties that accompany the pandemic, Stuart told Howell County News that he is, “optimistic about the future in Willow Springs.”

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