TCMH leverages AI for improved stroke care with new grant

Texas County Memorial Hospital is excited to announce that it has received a $47,450 grant from the Rural Citizens Access to Telehealth (RCAT) project. The funding will support the implementation of RapidAI, a state-of-the-art FDA-approved clinical tool, in the hospital's radiology department. This technology will drastically enhance the quality of stroke care in the rural communities of southern Missouri.
Bringing artificial intelligence to Rural Missouri is a new initiative at TCMH that uses RapidAI to accelerate treatment decisions and enhance collaboration with Level I stroke-designated hospitals. The RapidAI system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze high-resolution CT scans, identify potential blood vessel blockages, and transmit analyzed data to specialists in real time.
Stace Holland, CEO of TCMH, expressed his appreciation for the grant. "This significant investment from the RCAT program will revolutionize how we provide stroke care. It ensures that our patients, regardless of where they live, have access to the best possible care."
Jeff Gettys, Director of Projects at TCMH, elaborated on the project's scope. "With the integration of RapidAI, we're leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance our stroke care significantly. This advancement will revolutionize our treatment approach, ensuring swift, precise, and data-driven decisions."
Implementing the RapidAI system represents a significant step forward in TCMH's mission to provide superior healthcare for all patients, regardless of their geographic location. All hospitals, including TCMH, are classified as Level III facilities in our region. The closest Level I facility is 90 miles away, which poses a considerable challenge to the timely treatment of stroke patients. We can effectively bridge this gap by integrating RapidAI into our radiology department. The system's real-time analysis capabilities will revolutionize stroke care in our rural community, significantly improving outcomes for our patient population.
As the Stroke Coordinator, Jason Mayberry highlighted the expected impact of this implementation. "RapidAI will expedite our door-to-decision time, saving valuable minutes in assessing and triaging stroke patients. With this technology, we expect to enhance our care level dynamically."
TCMH is committed to improving access to specialized care in rural areas. With this grant, the hospital is well positioned to meet this objective and continue serving its community with the highest quality of care.
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