Interesting! I’ve made the newspaper again!

Interesting!  I’ve made the newspaper again!
1.  I bid everything out that I do- even though I don’t have to.
2. The Tax Sale listing has been fully printed to state Statute in a newspaper in the county of general publication.  
3. Bid print amounts were .50 cents per word vs. $5.75 a column inch. Let me just say per word adds up very fast. I chose the column inch rate that saved us thousands of dollars (not joking).  I also chose to not list the huge, long description that is not necessary per statute.  Also, the winning bid rate was the usual rate for legal notices. 
You can find the NOTICE OF TAX CERTIFICATE SALE in the Howell County News On 7/19, 7/26 and 8/3/2023.
Advertising Bill from 2022 Tax Sale was $4,954.50. This year it will be less than $400.
FULL Transparency! The citizens of Howell County deserve it. Facts are facts!
Janet Crow, Howell County Collector of Revenue
Publisher’s note: On the front page of the July 25 edition, the West Plains Daily Quill reported that the legal notice of Howell County’s delinquent tax sale will be published for the first time in Howell County News. The final publication of this notice before of the tax sale appears in this edition. 
County Collector Janet Crow released the above statement on July 26 in response.
For a statewide context, Missouri State Representative David Evans (R-154) commented Friday on the shrinking nature of public notices in newspapers, saying, “In the Missouri House over the last several years, we have discussed and debated the ever-rising cost of publication for legal notices that are mandated by state law.  Fiscally conservative county clerks have been leading the charge promoting less expensive viable options… Under state law, legal notices must be informative (providing adequate notice to the public), but not cost prohibitive. State law requires the county collector publish delinquent real estate tax notices in the county ‘in some newspaper of general circulation … for three consecutive weeks.’ Local collectors are given the broad discretion to decide what type of notice(s) are most effective and practical within each county.  They are encouraged to choose the option or options that best meet the needs of local citizens.”
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