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She has been compared to the famous father of nature, Euell Gibbons for her work in the wilds of the Ozarks.  But for Sasha Daucus, it's more of a trust, a bone-deep connection to the land and the plants that live here. Deeply struck by the raw beauty of this region after a family visit to Tecumseh, Missouri, Sasha fell in love with the Ozarks and planted her own roots.  Stemming from a childhood interest, Sasha has been a professional herbalist since 1984, teaching her craft to others and becoming a midwife, now retired. 
For this explorer, that wasn't enough. Sasha became a regional expert on the wild herbs that grow only here. Her life's mission is close to her heart -- researching medicinal herbs, sharing her knowledge with those interested, and making use of the natural remedies deprived of the plants. 
Sasha has paved her own path which has led her in a few directions.  From wildcrafter to owner/ director of the Golden Light Center, an alternative health care clinic, to her work with the Ozark Area Community Congress, an ecological network keeps her busy. But, her resume doesn't end there. Her current project is a field researcher for the Smithsonian Folklife Institute in Washington D.C., where the Ozarks will be the main focus of their festival this year. You can also find Sasha in a series of videos online promoting "My Ozarks" which also promotes her dedication to this place. 
When Sasha isn't on the run or walking in the woods, she lives quietly on her homestead, a place that gives her a great deal of inspiration and sustenance from the land. She also gardens, forages wild plants regularly as a natural part of her cooking and makes herbal remedies that are her primary interest. 
The Ozarks house many unique habitats that were meant to be known and shared. Not only is this magical place home to Sasha -- it's my Ozarks too.
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