911 Board to Fill Vacancy

The Board of Directors of the Howell County 911 department is slated to install a new member this week. The Howell County 911 is an independent, sovereign entity funded by its own tax revenues and governed by a board of directors as established by the laws of the State of Missouri. 
According to Administrator Steve Gleghorn, a member of the board, Verlon Bunch, resigned. Gleghorn said his department attempted to have an election, but no candidates signed up. As such, per RSMo. 190.335, the sitting board members have appointed a new member who will be installed in a special session immediately prior to their regular monthly meeting on July 22. 
Gleghorn said the Board did not advertise their intention to hold an election because they are not required to do so by law. 
The statute reads in pertinent part, “...if there is no candidate for an open position on the board, then no election shall be held for that position and it shall be considered vacant, to be filled pursuant to the provisions of section 190.339”
Directions in section 190.339 read, “Vacancies on the board occasioned by removals, resignations or otherwise shall be filled by the remaining members of the board.  The appointee or appointees shall act until the next election at which a director or directors are elected to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.”

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