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Alderman Tyler Morris and family.

Meet your new alderman: Tyler Morris, Ward II in Willow Springs
Tyler Morris was appointed alderman of Ward II in Willow Springs on July 15 to fill the vacancy left by David Collins. The answers below are printed as provided by Alderman Morris. 
Q: Why were you interested in serving on the board of aldermen?
A: Whenever I moved in to Willow Springs in 2019, I did not foresee myself ever getting involved in the local politics, but I also did not have a young daughter with another on the way. They are the main reason that I have gained an interest in serving. I want Willow Springs to be a place they want to live in and raise their children one day.
Q: Where are you from, and where did you go to school?
A: I am from Flippin, Arkansas, a small town west of Mountain Home and south of the Bull Shoals Lake. After graduating Flippin High School in 2015, I went on to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I studied accounting until I left in 2017 in order to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. I met my now wife, Jaci Story, in 2018, and moved to Willow Springs in the spring of 2019.  
Q: Who are your parents and family?
A: My father, Noel Morris, and his wife, Elaine Morris, live in the Flippin area and they own and operate a Home Instead Senior Care Franchise. My Mother, Nikki Swan, is a RN at Baxter Regional Health Center and her husband, Guy Swan, owns and operates S&M Plumbing in the Flippin area. 
Q: What do you do for a living?
A: My wife, Jaci, and I operate the local Subway Franchise in Willow Springs. I have held a few different occupations since I began working, but I have always returned to the restaurant industry. I particularly enjoy the management side, where I can work with my employees to help them grow as a person. 
Q: What would you like the people of Willow Springs to know about you?
A: Like what was previously stated, I am not doing this service for the betterment of myself. I am serving the city of Willow Springs to ensure that my children, and then grandchildren, will hopefully want to reside in this city one day. I hope that we as a community can grow the city into a place that all of our future generations want to start their own families here. 
Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Willow Springs today?
A: I believe that the biggest challenge for the city, is how to grow as a city in an ever-changing society. How can the city see continued growth and expansion, while maintaining who we are as a community? 
Q: Do you have an issue in mind that you will seek to pursue right away?
A: The issue that I was most worried about, the McClellan building, is moving forward in its repairs. I would like to hear from the community what they believe needs to be addressed. 
Q: What do you think is the town's biggest strength?
A: I believe that the community itself is one of the biggest strengths. The way that the city comes together in times of tragedy, or tough times similar to that that we experienced in 2020. The community has continuously amazed me.
Q: What is your preferred method of being contacted by your constituents?
A: The best way would be to reach out via email: . Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and I will do my best to address them!
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