Amended Budget Passed in Willow Springs

The City Council in Willow Springs passed an amended 2020 budget during the regular meeting on July 16. In a letter to the Council dated July 1, 2020, City Administrator Beverly Hicks summarized the amendments to the budget, which she said largely resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Another important consideration was the major weather event the city suffered on May 4, which caused significant and unexpected labor and supply expenditures.
All in all, the bruised budget had a shortfall of $269,250 to fill.
Notable adjustments include a reduction of $80,000 originally earmarked for a fire department vehicle, and more than $82,000 was diverted away from the Street Department Budget. However, MODOT improvements on Main Street did proceed and were completed earlier this month. The City is responsible for only $50,000 of the costs to join road shoulders with the new paving.
After all adjustments were made, Hicks was able to present a balanced $5,760,750 budget. At a Motion from Alderman Phil Knott, seconded by Alderman Troy Yonker, the revised budget passed unanimously.

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