Apology unapologetic, another alderman resigns

Comments from citizen Rick Thornton added a tumultuous air to the Board of Aldermen meeting that ended with Alderman Murray Anderson’s resignation. The board met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12 and the meeting was anything but regular.
Thornton addressed before the board after the agenda was amended to allow him to speak. The amended agenda cited that Thornton wanted to apologize for his actions at the last meeting. He began that he, “wanted to apologize to council for the interruption at the special meeting. That was one of those things that was uncalled for, and I wanted to apologize for that. I don’t want to apologize for what I said. That was totally called for.”
Thornton went on to indicate that his next comments were not addressed to Alderman Vines as he was not part of the council at that point but continued, “At the last regular council meeting, Robin [McCullough] came in and asked a very serious question to everybody. She asked if you all had read a copy of something. Nobody on the board had the decency to answer the question except for [Mayor] John [Krasuski]. John, I want to thank you for that. The rest of you, I’m very ashamed of you for that.”
Thornton began to address Alderman Anderson regarding a private, legal matter and was quickly interrupted by the Assistant Chief of Police Stetson Schwien. Police Chief Jamie Perkins informed Thornton that he would break the law if he kept communicating on a legal matter.
Thornton redirected his comments back to the council as a whole and stated, “When the council didn’t stop anything that went on in the last meeting, I’m ashamed of the entire council for that because it should have been addressed. These things should not go on. The council is here to protect the public and to represent the public, not to attack the public. “ 
Thornton ended by chastising the council, “Since this council has been sitting, during the time that I’ve come to these council meetings, the previous administrations have not only allowed, but they’ve encouraged citizens to talk, and this council seems to not like citizens to talk. You all are not here to rule over citizens. You’re here to listen and encourage citizens to talk.”
It should be noted that, prior to the last few board meetings, Mayor John Krasuski has hosted a town hall beginning at 5:00 p.m. where citizens can ask questions and address concerns before the meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.
At 6:48 p.m. the board entered in to closed session pursuant to RS Mo 610.021 (3). The board returned at 8:43 p.m. At this time Alderman Anderson stated that he is resigning his position on the board. Alderman Anderson stated that he is resigning due to medical reasons. The resignation was accepted by the board with a motion made by Alderwoman Colter, seconded by Alderman Vines with an all-in-favor.
Anyone wishing to fill this position until April is asked to inquire inside the Mountain View City Hall during regular business hours.
In Old Business:
- The board approved Bill 1382 Resolution 23-12-12-01, a resolution which authorizes the mayor to execute an agreement with the Mountain View Family Youth Center for community services. This is to help the youth center with electrical payments and cutting the grass. The motion was made by Alderman Bud Vines, seconded by Alderman Anderson with an all-in-favor.
In New Business:
- Assistant Police Chief Schwien presented a grant in the amount of $23,763.00. This grant, Violent Crime Prevention Grant, is 100 percent reimbursable. Assistant Chief Schwein stated that the department would purchase three new laptops and docks for their police cruisers. He stated that the department will make the purchase and then after proof of purchase they will be reimbursed, which should take around four to six weeks. The motion to approve the spending of $23,763.00 for the grant was made by Alderman Vines, seconded by Alderwoman Brenda Colter with an all-in-favor.
- City Clerk Sara Chowning asked council to allow employees to have both Fridays off prior to Christmas and New Year’s (both on Mondays this year). The motion to approve the time off was made by Alderman Vines, seconded by Alderwoman Colter with an all-in-favor.
- The board discussed the upcoming 2024 budget and decided to hold a special meeting before the end of the year to finalize the budget.
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